Puss In Boots Trailer

Puss In Boots Trailer (1903)

17 January 1903 9 mins

Early silent adaptation of the fairy-tale Puss In Boots.

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France 17 January 1903

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Puss in Boots Trailer (HD)

READ DESC*** "Puss in Boots" is a French literary fairy tale about a cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power wealth and the hand of a princess in marriage for his penniless

Puss in Boots (1903)

Puss in Boots (Le chat botté) is a 1903 French film directed by Lucien Nonguet and Ferdinand Zecca based on the fairy tale by


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Puss in boots Part 2

An amateur motion comic made for class. A little wonky here and there but good for a first try I think. Warning there is a butt. Watch until end for credits.

At the Movies Puss in Boots

Children's Review of Movie Puss In Boots.

Rav Productions - Puss In Boots - Original vs Edit (1080p)

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