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The Consequences of Feminism Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A world where women are sexually aggressive and men stay at home doing housework.

The Tramp and the Mattress Makers Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

A bum accidentally gets himself sewn up inside a mattress.

The Fantastic Diver Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

Diving "tricks"

Les Bulles de savon vivantes Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

Melies the magician does tricks.

The Hierarchies of Love Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A pretty maid is out walking and encounters a series of military men, starting with a private, who lose her to higher ranks.

Living Flowers Trailer (1906)

13 April 1906

Gaston Velle's 'Les Fleurs Animées' was screened by the Australian-based Corrick Family Entertainers as part of their variety act.

The Rajah's Casket Trailer (1906)

12 May 1906

An evil magician visits the rajah's palace to perform his magic tricks, but he also steals a valuable casket making his getaway aboard a dragon.

Jack le ramoneur Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

Jack is taken on a sea-snail to the lair of a fairy, who magically turns him into a prince. He thoroughly enjoys the dancing and fawning of the court.

The Magician from Arabia Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A sorcerer draws signs on the sand making charming young women.

From Leadville to Aspen: A Hold-Up in the Rockies Trailer (1906)

29 June 1906

From the point of view of the front end of a train, a group of robbers on a handcar rob the train and murder one of its crew.

A Story Well Spun Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A runaway barrel wreaks havoc all over the city.

The Cruel Mother Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A poor boy is mistreated by his mother when his father isn't looking.

Ocean Studies Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Alice Guy films the sea.

Is Spiritualism a Fraud? Trailer (1906)

01 July 1906

Men expose a fake medium's tricks and take revenge.

A Desperate Crime Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A man is murdered and the killer brought to justice by guillotine. This film is partly lost.

The Charmer Trailer (1906)

07 February 1906

A magician charms a caterpillar and turns it into a butterfly woman.

Electric Current Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A couple steals food from a grocery store. To stop them from repeating their crime, the cunning salesman electrifies his shop.

The Parish Priest's Christmas Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

The parish priest spends his Christmas spreading good will.

La femme du lutteur Trailer (1906)

22 December 1906

Story of a poor wife who worries about her husband.

L'hôtel des voyageurs de commerce Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

The staff of an inn play a cruel trick on a guest.

The Game-Keeper's Son Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

The kids of a game-keeper get into a chase with rifles.

Kathleen Mavourneen Trailer (1906)

02 August 1906

Captain Clearfield, a wealthy landlord, assaults Kathleen with the help of an accomplice, but Terence O'More arrives in time to break up the attack.

L'âge du cœur Trailer (1906)

28 January 1906

This film tells the story of mésalliance. He is old and she's young. She takes a lover. He wants to get revenge.

Drame passionnel Trailer (1906)

26 May 1906

A man and a woman meet in a park in Paris and fall in love with each other. Four years later, they have a daughter, but the man is bored and decides to break.

The Haunted Hotel Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

Three travelers stay at a strange inn

Logging in Maine Trailer (1906)

18 June 1906

The subject is the movement of cut timber from the forest to the mill. The few scenes that make up the film are loggers performing the various operations necessary to prevent logs from jamming together.

Wales v. Ireland at Wrexham Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

A film from the UK based Mitchell & Kenyon.

Return of T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

No Overview

A Trip to Berkeley, Cal Trailer (1906)

22 June 1906

In the beginning of the film, a streetcar passes in front of the camera position. The camera starts to move, indicating that it was on a streetcar since it is in the same position as the car in the first scene.

Fun After the Wedding Trailer (1906)

12 October 1906

A delightful and typical farce film, ending with the usual Gallic chase.

Palatino Park Trailer (1906)

21 December 1906

The activities of a recently opened amusement park in Havana, Cuba, similar to New York's Coney Island.

Lerfossen Trailer (1906)

08 September 1906

View of the Lerfossen near Trondhjem.

1. maj-demonstrationer i Slagelse Trailer (1906)

01 May 1906

Demonstrations on May 1st in Slagelse.

Holdup of the Rocky Mountain Express Trailer (1906)

29 June 1906

An early film drama shot on an actual railroad line in Phoenicia, NY in the Catskills.

Holger Drachmann Trailer (1906)

25 February 1906

A short clip showing Holger Drachmann.

Christian IXS bisættelse Trailer (1906)

18 February 1906

Christian IX (b. 1818) died 29 January 1906. He was king of Denmark for 42 years. With his many family ties to the royal houses of Europe, he was known as 'Europe's father-in-law'.

Enkekejserinde Dagmars Ankomst Trailer (1906)

07 September 1906

Empress Dowager Dagmar's arrival in Copenhagen with several members of the royal family present.

Aberdeen University Quarter Centenary Celebrations Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

No Overview

Kong Haakons og Dronning Mauds Besøg i Danmark Trailer (1906)

03 October 1906

King Haakon and Queen Maud visit Denmark.

Army Pack Train Bringing Supplies Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

This is one of those films that pretty much does what it says on the tin and nothing more. We see a troop of soldiers on horseback (essentially yet another parade - one of Edison Studio's favourite subjects back then) as they enter San Francisco with relief supplies following the earthquake that year.

Dream of a Rarebit Fiend Trailer (1906)

24 February 1906

Adapted from Winsor McCay's films and comics of the period, this film follows the established theme: the “Rarebit Fiend” gorges himself on rarebit and thus suffers spectacular hallucinatory dreams.

The Proclamation of King Frederik VIII Trailer (1906)

04 February 1906

The shift of the crown was paralleled by a new epoch of cinema in Denmark. Peter Elfelt had been the dominant figure in early Danish film.

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces Trailer (1906)

05 April 1906

A cartoonist draws faces and figures on a blackboard - and they come to life.

Three American Beauties Trailer (1906)

31 May 1906

In this color-tinted short, we first see a close-up of a red rose, perfectly formed. Then, we see the rose held by a young woman who is wearing a bright yellow dress.

Revolution in Russia Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

A dramatization of the uprising in Odessa, Russia in 1905: A ship's crew, tired of being mistreated, mutinies and takes over their ship.

The Merry Frolics of Satan Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Two travellers are tormented by Satan from inn to inn and eventually experience a buggy ride through the heavens courtesy of the Devil before he takes one of them down to Hell and roasts him on a spit.

San Francisco: Aftermath of Earthquake Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Footage shot not long after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco is edited together so that more than one scene and more than one vantage are included.

Attempted Suicide Trailer (1906)

14 December 1906

Suffering from unrequited love, Max hangs himself from a tree, and ends up hanging for hours while local townspeople squabble over whose responsibility it is to rescue him.

Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

An inventor dreams that his newly designed airship takes flight.

The Hand of the Artist Trailer (1906)

01 April 1906

Animated film featuring the hand of Walter R. Booth drawing a coster and his donah who come to life and dance.

The Invisible Men Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A scientist concocts a potion that can turn people invisible for short periods of time. Two crooks steal the potion and go on a crime spree.

The Fairy of Spring Trailer (1906)

03 July 1906

A beautiful minimalist string score accompanies this sweet little film. A couple bring an old lady into their home to help her shelter from the thick falling snow, but it turns out to be a fairy who grants them a wish.

The '?' Motorist Trailer (1906)

01 October 1906

A magical glowing white motorcar dismembers policemen, drives up buildings, flies through outer space and can transform into a horse and carriage.

Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Self-styled pier entertainer 'Professor' Reddish was a specialist in the "flying the foam" stunt, which involved mounting a bicycle and riding it down a steep ramp and then off the end of Brighton's West Pier into the sea.

The Bewitched Shepherd Trailer (1906)

22 December 1906

A young peasant leaves his cottage after a quarrel with his wife, and meets a witch. She takes him to a cavern, where after a series of encounters with goblins and other elusive creatures, he is presented with a choice of beautiful women of various races.

The Story of the Kelly Gang Trailer (1906)

26 December 1906

Just as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) is testimony to German silent film art, The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) symbolises both the birth of the Australian film industry and the emergence of an Australian identity.

A Visit to Peek Frean and Co.'s Biscuit Works Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A look at typical activities taking place in the Peek Frean factory: First, the workers get up steam, as supplies of milk and flour arrive.

The Black Hand Trailer (1906)

29 March 1906

Two gang members send a threatening letter to a butcher, demanding money if he did not want his shop to be destroyed and his daughter Maria kidnapped.

The Troubadour Trailer (1906)

01 December 1906

The Luny Musician Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A crazy, rude musician gets some supernatural comeuppance.