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Dream of a Rarebit Fiend Trailer (1906)

24 February 1906

Adapted from Winsor McCay's films and comics of the period, this film follows the established theme: the “Rarebit Fiend” gorges himself on rarebit and thus suffers spectacular hallucinatory dreams.

The Merry Frolics of Satan Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Two travellers are tormented by Satan from inn to inn and eventually experience a buggy ride through the heavens courtesy of the Devil before he takes one of them down to Hell and roasts him on a spit.

The '?' Motorist Trailer (1906)

01 October 1906

A magical glowing white motorcar dismembers policemen, drives up buildings, flies through outer space and can transform into a horse and carriage.

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces Trailer (1906)

05 April 1906

A cartoonist draws faces and figures on a blackboard - and they come to life.

A Funny Shave Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

A man is trying to shave, but grotesque faces keep appearing in his mirror.

A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire Trailer (1906)

21 April 1906

A Trip Down Market Street is a 13-minute actuality film recorded by placing a movie camera on the front of a cable car as it travels down San Francisco’s Market Street.

The Consequences of Feminism Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A world where women are sexually aggressive and men stay at home doing housework.

The Black Hand Trailer (1906)

29 March 1906

Two gang members send a threatening letter to a butcher, demanding money if he did not want his shop to be destroyed and his daughter Maria kidnapped.

The Drunken Mattress Trailer (1906)

29 December 1906

A drunk winds up inside the mattress a lady is mending.

The Witch Trailer (1906)

20 December 1906

A penniless troubadour consults witch Carabosse about his future, but offends her by paying with a bag of sand.

Aladdin and His Wonder Lamp Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

The legend of Aladdin and his magic lamp: Aladdin finds a magic lamp which brings him wealth, luxury, and marriage to a princess.

The Impossible Convicts Trailer (1906)

27 January 1906

Four prisoners, in convicts' stripes, march backwards down stairs and, under the watchful eyes of guards, hop backwards into their cells.

Voyage autour d'une étoile Trailer (1906)

08 July 1906

An old astronomer has been transfixed by a star for a long time. He had but one thought: to travel to it, to declare his love for it! But how?

The Hilarious Posters Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A wall full of advertising posters comes to life.

The Story of the Kelly Gang Trailer (1906)

26 December 1906

Just as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) is testimony to German silent film art, The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) symbolises both the birth of the Australian film industry and the emergence of an Australian identity.

The Birth, the Life, and the Death of Christ Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

La Vie du Christ was released in Paris in April, 1906, and subsequently distributed with newly translated intertitles May, 1907 in the United States.

The Tramp and the Mattress Makers Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

A bum accidentally gets himself sewn up inside a mattress.

The Troubadour Trailer (1906)

01 December 1906

La fille du sonneur Trailer (1906)

04 November 1906

An old man, bell ringer at Notre Dame de Paris, disowns his daughter who has an affair with a young frivolous gentleman.

The Invisible Men Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A scientist concocts a potion that can turn people invisible for short periods of time. Two crooks steal the potion and go on a crime spree.

The Terrible Kids Trailer (1906)

01 May 1906

Two boys and their dog set out to play a series of practical jokes on their neighbors. After they have caused several disruptions, the police are called, and soon the boys are on the run, pursued by the police and others.

San Francisco Earthquake & Fire: April 18, 1906 Trailer (1906)

30 April 1906

Film showing the results of an earthquake in San Francisco on 18th April 1906 which caused great destruction.

Revolution in Russia Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

A dramatization of the uprising in Odessa, Russia in 1905: A ship's crew, tired of being mistreated, mutinies and takes over their ship.

The Fantastic Diver Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

Diving "tricks"

The Mysterious Retort Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A wizard sleeps at a table in his well-appointed sitting room. From a drawer in the table, a snake appears.

A Story Well Spun Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A runaway barrel wreaks havoc all over the city.

The Game-Keeper's Son Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

The kids of a game-keeper get into a chase with rifles.

Tit-for-Tat Trailer (1906)

17 February 1906

An entomologist guilty of trying to capture rare insects is condemned to be pinned on a giant cork.

The Charmer Trailer (1906)

07 February 1906

A magician charms a caterpillar and turns it into a butterfly woman.

How the Office Boy Saw the Ball Game Trailer (1906)

18 July 1906

An office boy plays hooky from work so he can watch a ballgame perched high atop a telephone pole. Includes footage of an actual baseball game as if seen through a telescope.

The Pigeon Fairy Trailer (1906)

03 November 1906

A beautiful seductive fairy makes gentle winged creatures appear.

A Desperate Crime Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A man is murdered and the killer brought to justice by guillotine. This film is partly lost.

The Parish Priest's Christmas Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

The parish priest spends his Christmas spreading good will.

Jack le ramoneur Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

Jack is taken on a sea-snail to the lair of a fairy, who magically turns him into a prince. He thoroughly enjoys the dancing and fawning of the court.

A Sticky Woman Trailer (1906)

31 August 1906

A lady uses her maid to lick her stamps, when an overtly excited man notices the maid, forcibly kisses her, and they wind up stuck to each other.

Baden verboten Trailer (1906)

22 May 1906

Three young women are smiling and playing in a lake, their nude bodies reflecting in the water, when a forest watcher appears from the wood, and chases them away.

Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

An inventor dreams that his newly designed airship takes flight.

Une Chute de cinq étages Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

A photographer has an accident which not only screws up his lab but dumps a great deal of debris into the street below, causing general chaos.

Miniature Theatre Trailer (1906)

31 March 1906

Three young children set up a table, and on the table is placed a miniature stage. The stage curtain opens, a carpet appears, and then the carpet unrolls by itself.

La femme du lutteur Trailer (1906)

22 December 1906

Story of a poor wife who worries about her husband.

Getting Evidence Trailer (1906)

08 October 1906

A jealous husband arrives in the office of Hawkshaw, a private detective. The husband is certain that his wife is being unfaithful, and he wants the detective to produce photographic evidence.

The Cruel Mother Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A poor boy is mistreated by his mother when his father isn't looking.

Epileptic Seizure, No. 3 Trailer (1906)

17 January 1906

This Walter G. Chase film about epileptic seizures was photographed from a single camera position against a backdrop of dark canvas.

An Obstacle Course Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A bunch of people run an obstacle course all around town.

Les Bulles de savon vivantes Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

Melies the magician does tricks.

Magic Roses Trailer (1906)

01 December 1906

A woman places a bust on a mantel piece. It morphs into a butterfly, flowers and finally, cabbages.

A Winter Straw Ride Trailer (1906)

23 April 1906

Two groups of young women get into a pair of horse-drawn carts, and go off for a straw ride through the snowy streets.

L'Âge du cœur Trailer (1906)

28 January 1906

This film tells the story of mésalliance. He is old and she's young. She takes a lover. He wants to get revenge.

The Bewitched Shepherd Trailer (1906)

22 December 1906

A young peasant leaves his cottage after a quarrel with his wife, and meets a witch. She takes him to a cavern, where after a series of encounters with goblins and other elusive creatures, he is presented with a choice of beautiful women of various races.

Arrival of Immigrants, Ellis Island Trailer (1906)

08 May 1906

Depicts scenes at the Immigration Depot and a nearby dock on Ellis Island. Appears to show, first, a group of immigrants lined up to board a vessel leaving the island, then another group arriving at the island and being directed off of the dock and into the Depot by a uniformed official.

Conquering the Skies Trailer (1906)

01 April 1906

A man flies his plane "Fend l'Air" over Paris.

The Hierarchies of Love Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A pretty maid is out walking and encounters a series of military men, starting with a private, who lose her to higher ranks.

Palatino Park Trailer (1906)

21 December 1906

The activities of a recently opened amusement park in Havana, Cuba, similar to New York's Coney Island.

The Truth Behind the Ape-Man Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A balding man drinks a whole bottle of hair tonic. The unexpected surplus of hair promises a successful showbiz career for him and his wife.

Ocean Studies Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

Alice Guy films the sea.

The Magician from Arabia Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A sorcerer draws signs on the sand making charming young women.

L'hôtel des voyageurs de commerce Trailer (1906)

23 May 1906

The staff of an inn play a cruel trick on a guest.

Drame passionnel Trailer (1906)

26 May 1906

A man and a woman meet in a park in Paris and fall in love with each other. Four years later, they have a daughter, but the man is bored and decides to break.

The Luny Musician Trailer (1906)

01 January 1906

A crazy, rude musician gets some supernatural comeuppance.

Living Flowers Trailer (1906)

13 April 1906

Gaston Velle's 'Les Fleurs Animées' was screened by the Australian-based Corrick Family Entertainers as part of their variety act.