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Sleeping Beauty Trailer (1908)

30 January 1908

Based on the story of "Sleeping Beauty" by Charles Perrault. Titles read: The Christening of the Princess; The Good Fairies Fatal Prediction; The Royal Edict; The Princess is Sixteen Years Old; Searching for the Princess; The Prediction Comes True; Thou Shalt Sleep for a Hundred Years; A Hundred Years later the Prince Charming Goes Hunting; Prince Charming Dismisses His Escort; The Castle of Sleep; The Guard's Hall; You Have Been a Long Time Coming, prince; The Wedding of the Sleeping Beauty to Prince Charming.

A L'Ecu d'Or ou la Bonne Auberge Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

In one of the oldest surviving pornographic films ever made, a naughty hotel maid begins masturbating, only to be discovered by a newlywed couple.

Fantasmagorie Trailer (1908)

17 August 1908

The first all-animated film in history, a series of scenes without much narrative structure, but morphing into each other.

The Little Soldier who Becomes a God Trailer (1908)

04 November 1908

A stop-motion film from Émile Cohl with tin soldiers, children's drawings and cannibals.

A Calamitous Elopement Trailer (1908)

06 August 1908

A young couple are enjoying a romantic interlude in the young woman's home, when her father discovers them and angrily chases the young man out of the house.

Stenka Razin Trailer (1908)

14 October 1908

Stenka Razin is the leader of a group of outlaws who live a life of revelry and carousing along the Volga River and in the nearby forests.

The House of Ghosts Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A group of travellers go into a house for protection. Little do they know, it is filled with ghosts who make unusual things happen to them.

The Electric Hotel Trailer (1908)

31 October 1908

According to the rapid strides that electricity is making in this wonderful age we are not surprised to see in this picture an ideal hotel of the future in which everything is done by electricity.

The Chinese Shadows Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

At the beginning of this film two women come onstage dressed in Oriental fashion. They present a shadow play theatre.

Diabolical Pickpocket Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A pickpocket manages to escape the police through a series of fantastic tricks.

The Tempest Trailer (1908)

01 November 1908

Prospero and his daughter Miranda must take refuge on an enchanted island. There Prospero, who himself has magical powers, releases the spirit Ariel from a spell, and also meets the savage Caliban.

Unusual Cooking Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A chef comes into the kitchen and throws a lot of rags on the floor: he then casts a spell over them, and immediately they take the form of human beings, and dance a wild saraband around the place.

Buncoed Stage Johnnie Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

This Georges Melies film is one of several to appear in only a fragment form. The film opens up with a title card explaining what happens in the missing parts of the movie.

Amor que mata Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

This short, simple melodrama -- girl loses boy, girl dies of a broken heart -- is possessed of advanced techniques in several fields: restrained acting, careful, beautiful compositions, fine camera movement -- there is one overhead traveling shot that is gorgeous -- even set design: people live in furnished houses, with flowers on the table, not something that shows up in most films for another decade.

Money Mad Trailer (1908)

04 December 1908

The central figure is an old miser, who in parsimonionsness is a Harpahon. And, like Fosene, boarded his money in a secret cellar, where he met his death.

Beginning of the Serpentine Dance Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

We get scenery, with a fiddler playing as 18th century patrons do a minuet; we get some Méliès moments as the devil appears, makes the dancers vanish and takes the fiddler to pandemonium, where they produce an entire corps de ballet doing the serpentine dance.

Modern Sculptors Trailer (1908)

31 January 1908

The first scene presents before the astonished eyes of the spectators a solid piece of marble, which the minute it is placed on a table seems to take life, and one can follow a snake-like line branding on the polished face of the stone the name of the house of Pathé Frères.

Magic Hoop Trailer (1908)

23 November 1908

Émile Cohl mixes live-action and stop-motion animation in this charming evocation of the power of imagination.

Magic Bricks Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Experimental color film that shows a magician and his assistant making objects and people appear and disappear.

His First Cigar Trailer (1908)

18 January 1908

The film is quite sophisticated for it's time with a relatively large number of scene changes as we follow Max's misadventures.

The Taming of the Shrew Trailer (1908)

10 November 1908

Based on Shakespeare's play: Petruchio courts the bad-tempered Katharina, and tries to change her aggressive behavior.

The Song of the Shirt Trailer (1908)

17 November 1908

Adaptation of a poem written by Thomas Hood.

The Black Viper Trailer (1908)

21 July 1908

A thug accosts a girl as she leaves her workplace but a man rescues her. The thug vows revenge and, with the help of two friends, attacks the girl and her rescuer again as they're going for a walk.

Drama Among the Puppets Trailer (1908)

23 November 1908

For a short comedy of rare merit this subject is unexcelled. A chalk line series of grotesque caricatures enacted in the land of puppets.

The Fairies and the Faun Trailer (1908)

20 December 1908

This is an incomplete fragment of a longer film, so doesn’t make much sense, but it’s very beautiful and colourful with plenty of fireworks, flames and fountains as well as the customary fairies, magic and dancing.

Le costume blanc Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

The mishaps of a man who steps into the street wearing his brand-new white suit, and who instantly encounters every conceivable insult to his suit's integrity: a coalman bumps into him, a waiter spills food on him, a painter walks into him.

The Miser Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

This Georges Melies film is only available in a five-minute fragment. The film starts off with a title card setting up the events.

Béatrix Cenci Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

This picture is an illustration of the story of Beatrice Cenci, the young woman who planned the murder of her guardian, in Rome, in the year of 1599.

Barcelona en tranvía Trailer (1908)

31 December 1908

Very early footage of the streets of Barcelona, filmed from a tram.

Humanity Through the Ages Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

An episodic narrative displaying examples of humankind's brutality, from the story of Cain and Abel through the Hague Convention of 1907.

Prussian Culture Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

Film about politically motivated violence in the Kingdom of Prussia.

Voyage oriental Trailer (1908)

09 May 1908

Steampunk fantasia of interplanetary travel and submarine life.

Mr. Jones at the Ball Trailer (1908)

25 December 1908

Mack Sennett appears as a butler and a policeman in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

The Boy Detective, or The Abductors Foiled Trailer (1908)

11 March 1908

As a newsboy is playing a game on the sidewalk with a friend, two men come near to them, and then stand in a position where they cannot be seen from the sidewalk.

The Gold Spider Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Some gnomes are searching for a wonderful spider that weaves webs of golden coins. Intent on their search, they are unaware that their movements are closely followed by a poor woodcutter, who also penetrates into their caves when they have caught the spider and imprisoned it there.

The Good Luck of a 'Souse' Trailer (1908)

08 February 1908

This film from George Melies is sadly one that's only available in fragments. The film starts off with a title card stating that a drunk man has just thrown his family out a window.

The Sculptor's Nightmare Trailer (1908)

06 May 1908

At a political club, the members debate whose bust will replace that of Theodore Roosevelt. Unable to agree, each goes to a sculptor's studio and bribes him to sculpt a bust of the individual favorite.

A Suburbanite's Ingenious Alarm Trailer (1908)

04 January 1908

An office worker takes desperate measures in an attempt to get up on time in the morning.

A Narrow Escape Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Two criminals lure a doctor away from his home with a phony note about a child's illness. After the doctor rushes off, the criminals break into his house and menace his wife and child.

Troubles of a Grass Widower Trailer (1908)

29 February 1908

A housewife tires of her husband's annoying behavior and returns to her mother. At first, the husband is quite pleased to have the house all to himself.

Amour et mélasse Trailer (1908)

24 May 1908

Georges Melies' film has a new guy showing up in a store on his first day and he obviously just doesn't fit in as he makes one mistake after another.

The Devil Trailer (1908)

02 October 1908

Mack Sennett appears as a waiter in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

The Assassination of the Duke de Guise Trailer (1908)

17 November 1908

The film portrays the events on the day 1588 King Henri III of France arranged for Duke Henri de Guise to be murdered.

Dreams of Toyland Trailer (1908)

24 February 1908

Arthur Melbourne Cooper's animation showing a boy's dream of his toys coming to life uses a live action framing device for the dream sequence which uses stop motion techniques to animate a child's toys.

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs Trailer (1908)

14 August 1908

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs is a 1908 British short silent documentary film, directed by George Albert Smith as a showcase his new Kinemacolor system, which features a woman displaying assorted tartan cloths, both draped on her body and waved semaphore-style.

Le Génie du feu Trailer (1908)

24 May 1908

Not much of a plot. A couple is menaced by some sort of bizarre religious cult. Then they're saved.

The Dream of an Opium Fiend Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

The opium fiend is seen in a den, puffing on this terrible narcotic. He then falls fast asleep and dreams that he is at home with his wife.

The Adventures of Dollie Trailer (1908)

14 July 1908

On a warm and sunny summer's day, a mother and father take their young daughter Dollie on a riverside outing.

The legend of the spinner Trailer (1908)

12 March 1908

The goddess Minerva is jealous of the young Arachne who is more clever it in weaving. Out of spite, Arachne Minerva rushed into hell, then transforms into a spider that will forever spinning its web.

A Tricky Painter’s Fate Trailer (1908)

21 September 1908

A painter boards a train and puts his paintings in the windows so that they look like passengers.

The Thieving Hand Trailer (1908)

01 February 1908

A one-armed street peddler notices that a well-to-do man has dropped his ring, and the peddler returns it to him.

Her First Adventure Trailer (1908)

18 March 1908

A father arrives home, greets his wife and daughter, and then goes inside with his wife. Though they are only inside for a brief time, their daughter wanders off, attracted by the music from a pair of gypsies performing in the street.

Touaregs in Their Country Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

“The barbaric negro inhabitants of an African village are shown in their various forms of activity, the first view being a photograph of a number of children of all sizes, shapes and degrees of African beauty.

Les papillons japonais Trailer (1908)

15 May 1908

Two Japanese paint a silk worm on a screen. The insect comes alive and begins to spin its cocoon. He is soon trapped in his prison silk.

Sicilia illustrata Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Images of Sicily.

The Invisible Fluid Trailer (1908)

16 June 1908

Had the poor melancholy Dane, Hamlet, lived in this, the twentieth century, he would never have given voice to the remark, "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew!" No indeed! He would have procured some of the mysterious fluid compounded by an erudite scientist by which things animate and inanimate were rendered non est, for ten minutes at least, by simply spraying them with it.

Romance of a Jewess Trailer (1908)

23 October 1908

This early D.W. Griffith short shows the director's interest in Jewish ghetto life, portrayed here with sympathy and sentimentality.

Hallucinations pharmaceutiques ou Le truc de potard Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

There's a chemistry lab, in which one or two people ingest the wrong drug -- apparently -- and have a seriously bad trip.

The Runaway Horse Trailer (1908)

03 January 1908

A laundry man parks his horse-drawn cart to make a delivery. While he is inside, his horse sees a bag of oats and starts to eat them.

Over the Hill to the Poorhouse Trailer (1908)

26 June 1908

Mack Sennett appears as a bartender in this film produced by the Biograph Company.