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Dante's Inferno Trailer (1911)

01 July 1911

Loosely adapted from Dante's Divine Comedy and inspired by the illustrations of Gustav Doré the original silent film has been restored and has a new score by Tangerine Dream.

Cinderella Trailer (1911)

21 December 1911

Elaborately produced version of the well known George O. Nichols fairy tale interrupted by just a few summarizing intertitles, with Florence LaBadie and Harry Benham.

Le torchon brûle ou Une querelle de ménage Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

A couple’s fight over dinner leads to spiralling domestic abuse that spreads all over town. (MoMA)

The Battle Trailer (1911)

06 November 1911

Union soldiers march off to battle amid cheering crowds. After the battle turns against the Union Army, one soldier runs away, hiding in his girlfriend's house.

The Fall of Troy Trailer (1911)

16 March 1911

The Fall of Troy, is an Italian silent film of 1911 directed by John Pastrone and Luigi Romano Borgnetto.

Swords and Hearts Trailer (1911)

27 August 1911

A poor girl is secretly in love with a wealthy young planter.

The Lonedale Operator Trailer (1911)

23 March 1911

A young woman takes over her sick father's role as telegraph operator at a railway station, and has to deal with a team intent on train robbery.

Her Crowning Glory Trailer (1911)

11 September 1911

A widower becomes infatuated with his daughter's governess, to the displeasure of the child and her nurse.

Little Moritz demande Rosalie en mariage Trailer (1911)

12 October 1911

Wimpy Little Moritz needs to toughen up to win Rosalie, but ends up smashing everyone and everything in sight when boxing lessons turn him into a mindless fighting machine.

Eugénie, redresse-toi Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Poor Eugénie! She's humpbacked and everyone wants to straighten her out, but when success finally comes, she's too tall not to cause disasters.

The Dream Trailer (1911)

23 January 1911

No overview

A Serbian Country Wedding Trailer (1911)

16 May 1911

In August 1911, Serbian producer Svetozar Botoric and Louis de Beery (former Pathé’s cinematographer) left Belgrade to film a country wedding.

Romance with a Double Bass Trailer (1911)

16 November 1911

Princess Bibulova decides to go fishing along the river, while not far away, a musician leaves his two companions to go for a swim.

Fighting Blood Trailer (1911)

28 June 1911

After the Civil War, an ex-soldier and his family settle in the Dakota Territory. The son quarrels with the father and leaves home.

The Villain Foiled Trailer (1911)

30 August 1911

A Mack Sennett comedy for Biograph released as a split reel along with the comedy The Baron.

Sweet Memories Trailer (1911)

27 March 1911

An elderly woman looks back on the special times in her life, thinking especially about her now-departed husband and the things they did together.

Troublesome Secretaries Trailer (1911)

20 August 1911

This is basically a two practical-joke comedy. Bunny is a businessman father and Mabel plays Betty, his lovable daughter.

Rosalie et son phonographe Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

A jolly housekeeper brings new meaning to the notion of “home entertainment” with a handsome new portable phonograph that causes people, furniture, and buildings to rock and roll through the magic of stop-motion animation.

Betty's Boat Trailer (1911)

08 October 1911

Left at home alone, a little girl determined to play with her father’s toy yacht floods an apartment building.

A Miner's Luck Trailer (1911)

04 July 1911

A largely intact 1911 Australian film A Miner's Luck, produced by the Photo Vista Company for Pathe Freres.

La vengeance des esprits Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Grotesque animated spirits punish a disbeliever who scorns his wife’s interest in the occult.

Calino sourcier Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

A magic wand falls into Calino's hands, and he turns everything he touches into running water, until he falls victim to his own witchcraft.

Rigadin n'aime pas le vendredi 13 Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Rigadin encounters nothing but trouble on Friday the 13th.

Amour et musique Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Working apart, a pair of off-key male and female street performers are assaulted by unappreciative music lovers.

Greater Love Hath No Man Trailer (1911)

29 June 1911

Short film by Alice Guy about a Western love triangle.

Tweedledum's White Suit Trailer (1911)

10 August 1911

In this play on the symmetry of black and white, Robinet leaves home in his bright new suit for a stroll through a blackening industrial landscape.

Tweedledum in Love with a Singer Trailer (1911)

01 December 1911

Robinet brings down the house when he unleashes himself on Mimi Kratzfuss , an attractive opera singer, during a music hall performance.

Pik-Nik Master Singer Trailer (1911)

01 November 1911

Singer Pik Nik tests the power of song with an earth-shaking voice that causes people to pass out, walls to collapse, cars to go backwards—and eventually lands him in jail.

His Trust Trailer (1911)

16 January 1911

A Confederate officer is called off to war. He leaves his wife and daughter in the care of George, his faithful Negro servant.

Tontolini è triste Trailer (1911)

10 November 1911

Comic film. Disappointed by love, Tontolini consults a doctor about the sadness he feels. The doctor prescribes distractions and entertainment as a cure.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1911)

29 June 1911

Silent romantic drama....

Rudi sportsman Trailer (1911)

10 June 1911

The clumsy Rudi is trying his skills in a number of different sports: as a horseman, cyclist, footballer, hurdler, tennis player and water sports enthusiast.

A Roman Orgy Trailer (1911)

24 November 1911

The tiran Emperor Heliogabalus lives a life of debauchery and set lions loose among his guests.

Saved from Himself Trailer (1911)

10 December 1911

Joseph Graybill, learning that his friends have been making a lot of money in the stock market, takes a flyer himself.

For Massa's Sake Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Short directed by Joseph A. Golden.

The Cowboy Coward Trailer (1911)

16 December 1911

Henry and Steve, two "bunkies" on the "LL" ranch, are in love with Katie, their employer's daughter. While she likes Steve the best, she feels she cannot accept him because of his craving for gambling.

Vanity Fair Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

VANITY FAIR (1911-USA) Short Drama, Silent film with John Bunny and directed by Charles Kent. This classic story of Becky Sharp starring one of the first real screen stars.

The Ranch Girl Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Short western about a woman working on a ranch.

L'uragano Trailer (1911)

12 March 1911

Italian melodrama directed and starring Ubaldo Maria Del Colle.

Captain Kate Trailer (1911)

12 July 1911

Two caravans meet on the desert, one headed by Howell and Clancy, two New York men, who are gathering animals for circus purposes, the other is led by an old animal tamer named Desmond and his beautiful daughter, whom the natives have nicknamed Capt.

The Adventures of Lieutenant Daring R.N.: In a South American Port Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

An army officer comes to the aid of a girl who is the object of unwelcome attention from some locals.

The Island of Terror Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Le secret du corsaire rouge Trailer (1911)

01 December 1911

1910 Louis Feuillade short film

The Crusaders or Jerusalem Delivered Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Enrico Guazzoni.

Rudi na záletech Trailer (1911)

04 March 1911

A comedy short with a guy getting chased around the beach which creates a few funny scenes.

Count Ulrich II of Celje and Ladislaus Hunyadi Trailer (1911)

16 May 1911

Set in the 15th century and shows the clash of the Hungarian regent Ladislaus (Vladislava) Hunyadi with Count Ulrich II of Celje.

Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics Trailer (1911)

08 April 1911

Cartoon figures announce, via comic strip balloons, that they will move - and move they do, in a wildly exaggerated style.

If One Could See Into the Future Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

A mother confronts Death as to why he has to take her young boy. And he shows her the future to explain why he need to be eliminated.

The Merchant of Venice Trailer (1911)

01 February 1911

With a friend desperate for money, a merchant takes out a loan from a ruthless money-lender. Confident that his ships will soon be bringing him great wealth, the merchant willingly agrees to conditions of the loan that put him at great personal risk.

Mrs. Pussy Loves Animals Trailer (1911)

03 November 1911

Each time Mrs Babylas sees an animal, she just can't help herself bring it back home.

Lady Godiva Trailer (1911)

20 October 1911

The story of how Lady Godiva came to ride naked through the streets of Coventry.

The Manicure Lady Trailer (1911)

18 May 1911

The manicure lady spurns the barber and dates a rich cad instead.

Max Takes Tonics Trailer (1911)

15 December 1911

Max visits a doctor who prescribes a tonic (Bordeaux of Cinchona) for him to drink every morning. Upon returning home, Max sees a large glass which was left by his wife and labeled "Souvenir de Bordeaux".

The traitress Trailer (1911)

09 December 1911

Patriotism trumps love.

The Hallucinations of Baron Munchausen Trailer (1911)

01 November 1911

After an evening of excessive wining and dining Baron Munchausen must be helped to bed by his servants.

The Black Dream Trailer (1911)

03 September 1911

The young circus performer Stella is adored by two men: An earl and a jeweler. She fancies the earl the most, but at some point the jeweler made advances to her and the earl hits him.

The Trust, or The Battle of Money Trailer (1911)

09 November 1911

A young inventor is kidnapped to force him to tell the secret of his invention, but he foils his captors thanks to a pen with invisible ink.

Nick Winter et le vol de la Joconde Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

In the early morning of 1911, Mona Lisa is found to be stolen from the Louvre museum. Museum officials look for Nick Winter help to dissolve the Mystery of the Century.

Optocht van voorstanders van het Esperanto Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

A parade of supporters of international language Esperanto.

In Old Madrid Trailer (1911)

20 March 1911

A young Spanish couple want to be together, but are hindered by the girl's parents. They try a ruse to get a chance to be alone, but it is discovered.