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Cabiria Trailer (1914)

01 June 1914

Three centuries before Christus. Young Cabiria is kidnapped by some pirates during one eruption of the Etna.

Gertie the Dinosaur Trailer (1914)

15 September 1914

Although not the first feature-length animated film, as is sometimes thought, it was the first cartoon to feature a character with an appealing personality.

Mabel's Married Life Trailer (1914)

20 June 1914

Mabel goes home after being humiliated by a masher whom her husband won't fight. The husband goes off to a bar and gets drunk.

Kid Auto Races at Venice, Cal. Trailer (1914)

07 February 1914

The Tramp interferes with the celebration of several kid auto races in Venice, California (Junior Vanderbilt Cup Race, Jan.

Mabel's Strange Predicament Trailer (1914)

14 February 1914

The Tramp gets drunk in a hotel lobby and causes some misunderstandings between Mabel and her lover.

Max pédicure Trailer (1914)

23 April 1914

Came to visit a girl, Max presents itself as a pedicure.

His Favorite Pastime Trailer (1914)

16 March 1914

A very plastered fella follows a pretty woman home, and proceeds to make a nuisance of himself.

Tillie's Punctured Romance Trailer (1914)

14 November 1914

A womanizing city man meets Tillie in the country, after a fight with his girlfriend. When he sees that Tillie's father has a very large bankroll for his workers, he persuades her to elope with him.

The Masquerader Trailer (1914)

27 August 1914

Charlie plays an actor who bungles several scenes and is kicked out. He returns convincingly dressed as a lady and charms the director, but Charlie never makes it into the film.

Making a Living Trailer (1914)

02 February 1914

A swindler scams a journalist to get some money and then applies for a job at his newspaper.

The Knockout Trailer (1914)

11 June 1914

To show his girl how brave he is Fatty challenges the champion to a fight. Charlie referees, trying to avoid contact with the two monsters.

The Star Boarder Trailer (1914)

04 April 1914

A brat's magic lantern show exposes an indiscreet moment between a landlady and her star boarder.

The Face on the Barroom Floor Trailer (1914)

10 August 1914

A painter turned tramp (Chaplin), devastated by losing the woman he was courting as a wealthy man, finds himself drunk and getting drunker by the minute with some sailors at a bar until he's literally falling down.

Ambrose's First Falsehood Trailer (1914)

12 December 1914

After running into a friend and two ladies, a married man sends his wife a note saying that he's taken a train for business, but then his wife reads that the train crashed.

Fantômas: Fantômas Against Fantômas Trailer (1914)

13 March 1914

After his failed attempts to capture the ruthless crook and serial murderer Fantômas, Inspecteur Juve becomes the victim of a virulent press campaign which accuses him of being Fantômas himself.

Caught in a Cabaret Trailer (1914)

27 April 1914

Charlie is a clumsy waiter in a cheap cabaret, suffering the strict orders from his boss. He'll meet a pretty girl in the park, pretending to be a fancy ambassador, despite the jealousy of her fiancée.

A Film Johnnie Trailer (1914)

02 March 1914

The Tramp, a film Johnnie (someone who loiters near theaters or studios to meet stars or get a job), attempts to meet his favorite movie actress at the Keystone Studio, but does not win friends there.

Engelein Trailer (1914)

03 January 1914

Engelein is a comedy of deliberately mistaken identity. If Jesta, a 17-year-old, can play the part of a 12-year-old, her family will gain a large inheritance from a rich uncle from Chicago.

The Mysterious X Trailer (1914)

23 March 1914

One modern critic termed this classic of the Danish silent screen, “a bad story translated into moving pictures with a visual energy that still commands respect.

Fantômas: The False Magistrate Trailer (1914)

08 May 1914

Inspector Juve finds out that Fantômas is serving a prison sentence in Belgium. Desperately eager to get the master criminal to France, Inspecteur Juve comes up with a plot to allow Fantômas to escape.

Between Showers Trailer (1914)

28 February 1914

Mr. Snookie steals an umbrella and then, while trying to help a woman to cross a puddle, the Tramp appears.

The New Janitor Trailer (1914)

14 September 1914

The hero, a janitor played by Chaplin, is fired from work for accidentally knocking his bucket of water out the window and onto his boss the chief banker (Tandy).

Recreation Trailer (1914)

13 August 1914

Charlie begins to woo a woman on a bench, only to have her seaman boyfriend object. After a brick fight between the two men that eventually involves two police officers, all five people end up in the local pond to cool off.

Twenty Minutes of Love Trailer (1914)

20 April 1914

Charlie is hanging around in the park, finding problems with a jealous suitor, a man who thinks that Charlie has robbed him a watch, a policeman and even a little boy, all because our friend can't stop snooping.

Tango Tangles Trailer (1914)

09 March 1914

In a dance hall, two members of the orchestra and a tipsy dancer fight over the hat check girl.

A Busy Day Trailer (1914)

07 May 1914

A jealous wife (Chaplin) is chasing her unfaithful husband during a parade, after he starts to flirt with a pretty woman.

The Rounders Trailer (1914)

07 September 1914

Two drunks fight with their wives and then go out and get even drunker.

Gentlemen of Nerve Trailer (1914)

29 October 1914

Mabel and her beau go to an auto race and are joined by Charlie and his friend. As Charlie's friend is attempting to enter the raceway through a hole, the friend gets stuck and a policeman shows up.

Mabel at the Wheel Trailer (1914)

18 April 1914

Charlie, competing with his rival's race car, offers Mabel a ride on his motorcycle but drops her in a puddle.

The Wrath of the Gods Trailer (1914)

08 June 1914

An American sailor falls in love with a fisherman's daughter and convinces her that Jesus is more powerful than the gods who have cursed her.

The Squaw Man Trailer (1914)

14 February 1914

Blamed for th theft of an orphans fund, Captain James Wynnegate flees to the West where he makes a nh

Mabel's Busy Day Trailer (1914)

13 June 1914

Mabel tries to sell hot dogs at a car race, but isn't doing a very good job at it. She sets down the box of hot dogs and leaves them for a moment.

Those Love Pangs Trailer (1914)

10 October 1914

Charlie and a rival vie for the favors of their landlady.

Judith of Bethulia Trailer (1914)

08 March 1914

The story is from the Biblical Book of Judith. During the siege of the Jewish city of Bethulia by the Assyrians led by the brutish Holofernes (Henry Walthall), a widow named Judith (Blanche Sweet) has a plan to stop the war as her people suffer starvation and are ready to surrender.

Caught in the Rain Trailer (1914)

04 May 1914

When a married couple become separated in the park, Charlie takes up with the lady and is beat up when her husband rejoins her.

A Good Little Devil Trailer (1914)

01 March 1914

A lost film. A movie released in 1914 directed by Edwin S. Porter.

The Magic Cloak of Oz Trailer (1914)

28 September 1914

The fairies of Oz gather in the forest of Burzee one evening and weave a magic cloak that gives the wearer one wish, so long as it has not been stolen.

Mabel's Blunder Trailer (1914)

14 October 1914

Mabel is engaged to Harry, the boss's son. The boss has an eye for Mabel too, in this gender-bending comedy of errors and mistaken identities.

Laughing Gas Trailer (1914)

09 July 1914

Although only a dental assistant, Charlie pretends to be the dentist. After receiving too much anesthesia, a patient can't stop laughing, so Charlie knocks him out with a club.

In the Land of the Head Hunters Trailer (1914)

07 December 1914

In the Land of the Head Hunters is a 1914 silent film fictionalizing the world of the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) peoples of the Queen Charlotte Strait region of the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada, written and directed by Edward S.

The Fatal Mallet Trailer (1914)

01 June 1914

Three men will fight for the love of a charming girl. Charlie will play dirty, throwing bricks and using a huge hammer.

His New Profession Trailer (1914)

31 August 1914

Charlie takes care of a man in a wheelchair.

His Trysting Place Trailer (1914)

09 November 1914

Charlie and his friend Ambrose meet in a restaurant and accidentally leave with each other's coats. Charlie was going to pick up a baby bottle and Ambrose was going to mail a love letter that was in his coat pocket.

Cruel, Cruel Love Trailer (1914)

26 March 1914

This early Chaplin film has him playing a character quite different from the Tramp for which he would become famous.

The Perils of Pauline Trailer (1914)

31 March 1914

The Perils of Pauline is a motion picture serial shown in weekly installments featuring the actress Pearl White playing the title character.

By the Sun's Rays Trailer (1914)

21 July 1914

The earliest surviving film featuring Lon Chaney in a major role, By the Sun's Ray's was but one of several 2-reel westerns starring the florid Murdock MacQuarrie.

Dough and Dynamite Trailer (1914)

26 October 1914

Pierre and Jacques are working as waiters at a restaurant where the cooks go on strike. When the two are forced to work as bakers, the striking cooks put dynamite in the dough, with explosive results.

His Prehistoric Past Trailer (1914)

07 December 1914

Set in the stone age, King Low-Brow rules the land and a harem of wives. When Charlie arrives in this land (where every man has one thousand wives), he falls in love with the King's favorite wife.

A Thief Catcher Trailer (1914)

19 February 1914

Two criminals chase a plainclothes policeman who, while taking out his dog, witnesses their crime.

Getting Acquainted Trailer (1914)

05 December 1914

Charlie and his wife are walking in the park when they encounter Ambrose and his wife where they become attracted to each other's wife and start chasing them around the park.

Max's Vacation Trailer (1914)

09 January 1914

Max is invited to join his uncle for a holiday, but he hasn't invited his wife, so he sneaks her in in his suitcase, always hiding her from his uncle.

Home, Sweet Home Trailer (1914)

16 May 1914

John Howard Payne leaves home and begins a career in the theater. Despite encouragement from his mother and his sweetheart, Payne begins to lead a life of dissolute habits, and this soon leads to ruin and misery.

The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Trailer (1914)

02 August 1914

Thwarted by his despotic uncle from continuing his love affair, a young man turns to thoughts of murder.

His Musical Career Trailer (1914)

07 November 1914

Charlie and his partner are to deliver a piano to 666 Prospect St. and repossess one from 999 Prospect St.

The Sign of the Cross Trailer (1914)

21 December 1914

In 64 A.D., Marcus Superbus is Prefect of Rome. When the Emperor Nero decides to renew persecution of the Christians, Marcus opposes him, fearing for the safety of Mercia, the Christian woman whom he loves.

An Odyssey of the North Trailer (1914)

03 September 1914

The Property Man Trailer (1914)

01 August 1914

Charlie is in charge of stage "props" and has trouble with actors' luggage and conflicts over who gets the star's dressing room.

Double Crossed Trailer (1914)

25 January 1914

Ford Sterling and Mack Swain are a couple of neighborhood toughs who fight over Emma Clifton and get involved in burglary in this Keystone from 1914.

Cinderella Trailer (1914)

28 December 1914

Based on Charles Perrault's fairy tale: Cinderella is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, but she is able to go to the Royal Ball with the help of the Fairy Godmother.

Her Friend the Bandit Trailer (1914)

04 June 1914

A comedy made by Keystone Studios starring Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand, both of whom co-directed the movie.