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The Coward Trailer (1915)

14 November 1915

Set during the American Civil War, Keenan stars as a Virginia colonel and Charles Ray as his weak-willed son.

The Tramp Trailer (1915)

12 April 1915

The Little Fellow finds the girl of his dreams and work on a family farm. He helps defend the farm against criminals, and all seems well, until he discovers the girl of his dreams already has someone in her life.

The Birth of a Nation Trailer (1915)

08 February 1915

The Birth of A Nation is a silent film from 1915 and the highest grossing silent film in film history.

His New Job Trailer (1915)

01 February 1915

When one of the actors on a movie set doesn't show up, Charlie gets his chance to be on camera and replaces the actor.

By the Sea Trailer (1915)

29 April 1915

It is windy at a bathing resort. After fighting with one of the two husbands, Charlie approaches Edna while the two husbands themselves fight over ice cream.

A Night in the Show Trailer (1915)

20 November 1915

Mr. Pest tries several theatre seats before winding up in front in a fight with the conductor. He is thrown out.

The Champion Trailer (1915)

11 March 1915

Walking along with his bulldog, Charlie finds a "good luck" horseshoe just as he passes a training camp advertising for a boxing partner "who can take a beating.

Les vampires Trailer (1915)

29 June 1915

Two journalists attempt to uncover the truth behind the criminal organisation, known as The Vampires, who are terrorizing Paris.

The Golem Trailer (1915)

15 January 1915

In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers, is found in the rubble of an old synagogue in the 20th century.

The Madness of Dr. Tube Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

A scientist develops a powder that he believes will have the effect of distorting reality for those who take it.

Les Vampires: Episode Three - The Red Codebook Trailer (1915)

04 December 1915

While faking illness to get off work, Philipe tries to decode a red booklet that he lifted from the Grand Inquisitor’s body, which contains the crimes of the Vampires.

The Bank Trailer (1915)

09 August 1915

In a departure from the tramp character, Chaplin plays a janitor at a bank. Edna Purviance plays the secretary on whom Charlie has a crush and dreams that she has fallen in love with him.

A Jitney Elopement Trailer (1915)

01 April 1915

Edna's father wants her to marry wealthy Count He-Ha. Charlie, Edna's true love, impersonates the Count at dinner, but the real Count shows up and Charlie is thrown out.

That Little Band Of Gold Trailer (1915)

14 March 1915

A happy young couple become engaged, and soon afterwards they are married. But after their marriage, the husband begins to stay out carousing with his friends, leaving his wife at home with her mother.

The Vampire Trailer (1915)

09 August 1915

The Vampire is a surviving 1915 silent film drama directed by Alice Guy and starring Olga Petrova. It is one of Petrova's and Guy's few surviving silent films.

The Cheat Trailer (1915)

13 December 1915

A venal, spoiled stockbroker's wife impulsively embezzles $10,000 from the charity she chairs and desperately turns to a Burmese ivory trader to replace the stolen money.

After Death Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

Andrei lives a secluded life with his aunt, studying and thinking about his now-deceased mother. His friend Tsenin is concerned, and tries to get Andrei to accompany him to social events.

A Submarine Pirate Trailer (1915)

26 December 1915

A waiter tricks his way into command of a sub in order to rob a ship carrying gold bullion.

A Woman Trailer (1915)

12 July 1915

Mother, father and daughter go to the park. The women doze off on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a girl, blindfolded.

Shanghaied Trailer (1915)

04 October 1915

A shipowner intends to scuttle his ship on its last voyage to get the insurance money. Charlie, a tramp in love with the owner's daughter, is grabbed by the captain and promises to help him shanghai some seamen.

Work Trailer (1915)

21 June 1915

Charlie and his boss have difficulties just getting to the house they are going to wallpaper. The householder is angry because he can't get breakfast and his wife is screaming at the maid as they arrive.

In the Park Trailer (1915)

18 March 1915

A tramp steals a girl's handbag, but when he tries to pick Charlie's pocket loses his cigarettes and matches.

Carmen Trailer (1915)

31 October 1915

In order to help her smuggler kinsmen, a sultry gypsy seduces and corrupts an officer of the Civil Guard turning him into a traitor and murderer.

Vanity Fair Trailer (1915)

05 October 1915

"Vanity Fair" is a historical drama, based on the classic English novel written by William Thackeray, featuring Shirley Mason.

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers Trailer (1915)

14 May 1915

When a rich 'mothball magnate' checks into a hotel with his family, the mashers come out of the woodwork to woo his daughter (Fatty Arbuckle.

A Fool There Was Trailer (1915)

12 January 1915

John Schuyler, happily married Wall Street lawyer, is appointed as special diplomatic representative to England.

The Man from Texas Trailer (1915)

02 March 1915

A cowboy gets a message that his sister's husband has left her and she is in trouble. When he gets there, he finds her dead.

Bloomer Bottled Up Trailer (1915)

19 February 1915

The unexpected arrival of his mother-in-law causes uncontrollable hysteria in Kri-Kri's home. Determined to scare her off, indeed get rid of her, he starts developing Machiavellian plans.

Mabel Lost and Won Trailer (1915)

02 June 1915

Mabel has just gotten engaged during a housewarming party of which her mother is the hostess. When an annoying party guest persuades Mabel to dance with him, Mabel hurries through the dance and then goes to look for her fiancé, only to discover him caressing another woman.

Fatty's Tintype Tangle Trailer (1915)

26 July 1915

Hubby and wifey are in love, but he's henpecked by her mother. A nip of whiskey gives him Dutch courage, and he storms out, declaring he won't be a domestic slave anymore.

The Girl Detective Trailer (1915)

02 January 1915

A series of 2-reel thrillers in which a society girl has a position as a special investigator for the police and works on various cases where her unique talents can help to solve crimes.

The Pay Train Trailer (1915)

11 June 1915

Helen, overhearing Tony and his accomplices plotting to derail the pay train and steal its money, is thrown into a cattle car; grabbing a revolver which one of the men has dropped, she shoots the wire controlling the semaphore arm, which then swings up and flashes the danger flag, thus averting disaster in the nick of time.

Love, Loot and Crash Trailer (1915)

23 April 1915

A flustered father seeks a cook for his kitchen, his daughter seeks to elope and a pair of crooks seek to get some loot.

Almost a Scandal Trailer (1915)

17 February 1915

A comic one-act film in which affairs of the heart lead to a duel, and a chase. Amorous entanglements between Billy Ritchie and the wife of an overweight man, who himself has been flirting.

Court House Crooks Trailer (1915)

05 July 1915

A farce involving a judge, his young wife, and the DA she's seeing.

The Secret of the Submarine Trailer (1915)

21 May 1915

An American adventure film serial comprised of fifteen episodes of two reels (24 min) each. All chapters are presumed lost.

Love and Sour Notes Trailer (1915)

18 May 1915

The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

Two cavemen, The Duke and Stonejaw Steve, call on Miss Araminta Rockface. The hated rivals fight, and Steve wins when he throws The Duke into a pot of boiling water.

Love, Speed and Thrills Trailer (1915)

18 January 1915

After Walrus has been shot, Ambrose takes him into his house. When Ambrose sees Walrus flirting with his wife he leaves.

Robert and Bertram Trailer (1915)

12 August 1915

Based on the 1856 Gustav Räder play Robert and Bertram about the adventures of two wandering vagrants, which has been turned into films on several occasions.

All for Old Ireland Trailer (1915)

13 July 1915

Eileen Donaghue loves Myles Murphy, a match which is approved by Mrs Donaghue. Colonel Reid of the British Army employs an informer, Fagin, who has designs on Eileen, but Myles gives him a beating for his presumption.

Knight of the Trail Trailer (1915)

19 August 1915

Jim and Molly are supposed to get married when Molly finds out about her fiances criminal past…

Gussle's Backward Way Trailer (1915)

02 May 1915

This film concerns the adventures of Gussle, played by Sydney Chaplin, in Big Bear Lake area of California.

The Lily of Belgium Trailer (1915)

10 October 1915

When a young girl finds a beautiful dead lily in the woods, she asks her grandfather to tell her about it.

So rächt sich die Sonne Trailer (1915)

09 July 1915

A story about murder, guilt and insanity. Directed by William Wauer and written by Richard Oswald.

A One Night Stand Trailer (1915)

22 March 1915

Two clownish stagehands make life difficult for the manager and cast of a dramatic production.

Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts Trailer (1915)

26 December 1915

Rival spies on a train cross swords over a woman and an airplane shipment in this Keystone comedy.

The Escape on the Fast Freight Trailer (1915)

05 February 1915

Two yeggmen hold up Helen, on night duty at Ferndale, lock her in a closet, and escape. Later, standing on a bridge over the freight yards, Helen sees the two bandits aboard an outgoing freight, and drops onto the roof of the car from above as it crosses underneath.

The Gilded Cage Trailer (1915)

07 July 1915

The Gilded Cage is a simple tale about two sisters: the pampered favorite and the put-upon, younger stepdaughter, played by Stonehouse.

His Regeneration Trailer (1915)

07 May 1915

A rough criminal gets into an argument over a girl in a dance hall.

Willful Ambrose Trailer (1915)

01 March 1915

Marksman Ambrose accidentally shoots a beer stein his wife has bought for him as a gift, so he tries to replace it.

The Case of Becky Trailer (1915)

13 September 1915

When a young girl is placed under hypnotism, it's discovered that she has a split personality.

Those of Our Land Trailer (1915)

22 November 1915

Gussle's Wayward Path Trailer (1915)

09 April 1915

Gussle (Syd Chaplin) comes home with a cute little dog but doesn't want the wife to see it--leading up to a rather funny bit you'll have to see for yourself.

Trilby Trailer (1915)

19 September 1915

This 1915 Maurice Tourneur film is a version of the famous duMaurier novel. It was later done in a more famous 1931 film named Svengali with John Barrymore.

Her Painted Hero Trailer (1915)

20 November 1915

A stage-struck young woman becomes an heiress, and hopes to use her new-found wealth to fulfill a fantasy.

The Hungarian Nabob Trailer (1915)

01 December 1915

After Count John Karpathy, belovedly known as the Nabob, falls ill while entertaining the peasants of his estate, his dissolute nephew and sole heir, Count Bela, comes home from Paris to acquire his inheritance.

Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day Trailer (1915)

14 January 1915

A henpecked husband's innocent friendship with a married woman leads to chaos.

Le grand souffle Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

The patriotic melodrama, set during WWI, revolves around a thief played by René Navarre.

The Undesirable Trailer (1915)

19 March 1915

Betty is brought up by her uncle in the country, having lost both her parents at early age. On his death bed, her uncle tells her that her mother had actually been in prison all these years.