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The Immigrant Trailer (1917)

17 June 1917

Charlie is an immigrant who endures a challenging voyage and gets into trouble as soon as he arrives in America.

Fear Trailer (1917)

06 March 1917

A millionaire steals an ancient idol causing some natives fall upon him a terrible curse.

The Adventurer Trailer (1917)

22 October 1917

The Little Tramp escapes from prison; saves a girl and her mother from drowning; and creates havoc at a swank party.

The Fine Sword Trailer (1917)

30 June 1917

A samurai purchases a new sword only to find it is already dull. When he returns to the dull looking merchant to complain, something quite unexpected happens.

Easy Street Trailer (1917)

22 January 1917

When Charlie the Tramp wanders into a mission he is smitten by Edna and puts back the collection box which he has taken.

The Cure Trailer (1917)

16 April 1917

An alcoholic checks into a health spa and his antics promptly throw the establishment into chaos.

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman Trailer (1917)

14 December 1917

AJ Raffles, a handsome jewel thief masquerades as a gentleman of society fitting in with well-to-do people.

A Man There Was Trailer (1917)

29 January 1917

Terje Vigen, a sailor, suffers the loss of his family through the cruelty of another man. Years later, when his enemy's family finds itself dependent on Terje's benevolence, Terje must decide whether to avenge himself.

Bucking Broadway Trailer (1917)

24 December 1917

On a ranch in Wyoming, one of the cowboys, Cheyenne Harry (Harry Carey), falls in love with his boss's daughter.

Coney Island Trailer (1917)

29 October 1917

Arbuckle escapes the watch of his domineering wife and heads for Coney Island. Keaton arrives that same day with his attractive, and rather easy, girlfriend, who is immediately stolen from him by St.

A Clever Dummy Trailer (1917)

15 July 1917

An inventor and his assistant build a robot that looks like their janitor, and everyone tries to profit off the invention.

All Aboard Trailer (1917)

25 November 1917

In order to get his daughter away from her suitors, her father decides to spirit her away to Bermuda.

The Rough House Trailer (1917)

25 June 1917

Roscoe, his wife and his mother-in-law run a seaside resort. Buster plays a gardener who puts out a fire started by Roscoe, then a delivery boy who fights with the cook St.

Straight Shooting Trailer (1917)

27 August 1917

Cattleman Flint cuts off farmer Sims' water supply. When Sims' son Ted goes for water, one of Flint's men kills him.

His Wedding Night Trailer (1917)

20 August 1917

Al and Roscoe, eployees at a gas station, are rivals for Alice. When Buster delivers a wedding gown for Alice and begins modeling it, he is mistaken for Alice and is kidnapped by Al.

The Man from Painted Post Trailer (1917)

29 September 1917

In order to find out who's behind a cattle rustling operation that's hurting ranchers, a detective for the Cattleman's Protective Association pretends to be a tenderfoot from back east who's just arrived in the area and doesn't know how to ride, rope or shoot.

In Again, Out Again Trailer (1917)

30 April 1917

A young man drowns his sorrows in strong drink when jilted by his girl. His drunkenness gets him thrown in jail, where he falls in love with the jailer's daughter.

Wild and Woolly Trailer (1917)

24 June 1917

A rich young Easterner who has always wanted to live in "the Wild West" plans to move to a Western town.

A Trip to the Moon Trailer (1917)

01 January 1917

Happy speaks with someone in the park and takes a trip to the moon on a rocket that looks like the front half of a current racing car, where he is made king of the moon.

R.F.D. 10,000 B.C. Trailer (1917)

01 January 1917

Set in prehistoric times, this short film was created for the Edison Company by Willis H. O'Brien, a pioneer of American stop-motion animation.

The Torture of Silence Trailer (1917)

06 March 1917

Hardly one of French filmmaker Abel Gance's masterpieces, The Torture of Silence nevertheless has more dramatic and psychological value than your average romantic-triangle tale.

Reaching for the Moon Trailer (1917)

16 November 1917

A factory worker has always dreamed that he was meant for better things, to be rich and famous and in "the company of kings".

The Little Brother Trailer (1917)

11 March 1917

Jerry Ross dresses as a boy and sells newspapers to make money on the street corner. As the result of a chance meeting with Frank Girard, who is interested in the "Big Brother Movement," Jerry is invited to Girard's farm in the country.

The Silent Man Trailer (1917)

26 November 1917

A hard-working prospector enters the town of Bakeoven to stake his claim, only to have his rights stolen and his face on "Wanted" posters.

The Gun Fighter Trailer (1917)

11 February 1917

Cliff Hudspeth, the leader of a band of outlaws in Arizona, has won his place by the killing of notorious gun-bullies.

Satan's Rhapsody Trailer (1917)

31 July 1917

Rapsodia Satanica (1915) was the last film directed by Nino Oxilia and is undoubtedly one of the finest achievements of the early Italian cinema.

Prisoners of Land Trailer (1917)

01 January 1917

The daughter of the farmer András Balogh, Juli, is confused by the sight of a circus, she leaves her native village secretly and enters into an engagement with the dance master at a night club in the capital.

The Woman God Forgot Trailer (1917)

27 October 1917

A Girl's Folly Trailer (1917)

26 February 1917

A restless young girl yearns to leave her rural environment and "get away from it all". One day she stumbles upon a film crew shooting a western near her home.

The Merry Jail Trailer (1917)

30 November 1917

A neglected wife disguises herself in order to lure her wastrel husband into a compromising position.

Her Fame and Shame Trailer (1917)

24 March 1917

A slapstick comedy with Charles Murray & Louise Fazenda.

Seven Keys to Baldpate Trailer (1917)

16 October 1917

A writer bets a friend that he can write a 10,000-word novel in 24 hours. The friends takes the bet, and gives him the keys to his Baldpate Inn, which has been closed for the winter, so he can write in complete seclusion.

'49-'17 Trailer (1917)

14 October 1917

A judge who had taken part in the gold rush of 1849 hires an acting troupe to recreate the experience in this rather fanciful silent Western.

The Gulf Between Trailer (1917)

21 September 1917

A young woman, who is the daughter of a sea captain, falls in love with a man from a rich family who does not approve of her.

Move On Trailer (1917)

09 December 1917

Our hero is a police officer who gets involved in a crap game, flirting with a nurse and other amusements.

The Flirt Trailer (1917)

11 November 1917

A man takes a job in a café, hoping to get to know the pretty waitress working there.

Thomas Graal's Best Film Trailer (1917)

02 January 1917

Directed by Mauritz Stiller.

The Poor Little Rich Girl Trailer (1917)

05 March 1917

Gwen's family is rich, but her parents ignore her and most of the servants push her around, so she is lonely and unhappy.

Patria Trailer (1917)

14 January 1917

Spies from Japan conspire to steal the Channing "preparedness" fortune and invade the United States, beginning in New York, then allying themselves with Mexicans across the border.

Betty and the Buccaneers Trailer (1917)

12 November 1917

Romantic adventure film in which the girl Betty, who dreams about pirates, and her gullible father is tricked by a set of real pirates.

Rough and Ready Reggie Trailer (1917)

01 January 1917

After effeminate Reggie is picked on by the men at his club, a rough and ready ancestor appears to him and inspires him to become the ultimate he-man.

The Professional Patient Trailer (1917)

19 January 1917

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew starred in a series of polite situational comedies, first for Vitagraph and then for their own company, releasing through Metro.

A Tale of Two Cities Trailer (1917)

10 March 1917

At the outbreak of the French Revolution, Charles Darnay goes to Paris to rescue an imprisoned former family servant.

Maharadjahens yndlingshustru I Trailer (1917)

31 January 1917

Kuno Falkenberg, a handsome young naval lieutenant, is in love with his cousin Elly, who also happens to be the daughter of the colonel.

The Woman in White Trailer (1917)

01 July 1917

The lead Florence La Badie plays dual roles. Clever editing is used for the scene where her two characters meet.

The Wrong Mr. Fox Trailer (1917)

28 April 1917

An unemployed actor is mistaken for the new preacher in a small town.

Blue Jeans Trailer (1917)

10 December 1917

June a young orphan is befriended by Perry Boscam when he shares his lunch with her on the road to Rising Sun to take over his father's saw mill.

Alexander the Great Trailer (1917)

12 November 1917

In a small provincial town there is a hotel run by one of those eccentric cooks of long ago who made generous meals that have nothing in common with the extravagant restaurateurs of nowadays and their meagre menus.

The Clodhopper Trailer (1917)

24 June 1917

Everett Nelson is a naive young farmboy. Following unjust treatment on the farm, he runs away to the big city.

Over the Fence Trailer (1917)

09 September 1917

Snitch steals Ginger's baseball tickets and takes Ginger's girl to the game. Finding himself without tickets, Ginger dresses as a baseball player and wins the game.

The Portrait of Captain Grogg Trailer (1917)

12 August 1917

An artist receives the visit of Grogg, an animated captain, to draw his portrait

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Trailer (1917)

17 September 1917

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917) is a silent film directed by Marshall Neilan based upon the novel Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin.

Teddy at the Throttle Trailer (1917)

01 April 1917

Gloria Dawn lives down the hall from her sweetheart, Bobbie Knight. The dishonest Henry Black is Gloria's guardian, and he is also in charge of Bobbie's inheritance.

Satan Triumphant Trailer (1917)

21 October 1917

In a small town live two brothers, one a minister and the other one a hunchback painter of the chapel who lives with his wife.

The Pride of the Clan Trailer (1917)

07 January 1917

Donald MacTavish, the last chieftain of his clan on an island off the coast of Scotland, dies at sea.

Polly of the Circus Trailer (1917)

08 September 1917

When circus aerialist Polly Fisher is injured, she is taken to the nearby home of minister John Hartley.

The Scrapper Trailer (1917)

09 June 1917

Bored with the ranch, Buck's girl goes off to the city and gets involved (innocently) in a brothel. When Buck brings a herd of cattle to town, a streetwalker lures him to the house just in time for him to save his girl from Martin.

Cleopatra Trailer (1917)

14 October 1917

The story of Cleopatra, the fabulous queen of Egypt, and the epic romances between her and the greatest men of Rome, Julius Caesar and Antony.

Birds of a Feather Trailer (1917)

07 October 1917

Luke, running a chili parlor, inherits a million dollars and joins high society.

Bliss Trailer (1917)

14 November 1917

A counterfeit count is aided in his courtship of the heroine by her father who is overwhelmed by his "title.