Madame DuBarry Trailer

Madame DuBarry Trailer (1919)

18 September 1919 Drama 114 mins

The story of Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV of France, and her loves in the time of the French revolution.

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Pola Negri

as Jeanne Vaubernier - later Madame Dubarry

Emil Jannings

as Ludwig XV.

Harry Liedtke

as Armand De Foix

Reinhold Schünzel

as Duke of Choiseul

Eduard von Winterstein

as Graf Jean Dubarry

Else Berna

as Graefin Gramont

Fred Immler

as Richelieu

Gustav Czimeg

as Aiguillon

Karl Platen

as Guillaume Dubarry

Bernhard Goetzke

as Revolutionär

Magnus Stifter

as Don Diego

Willy Kaiser-Heyl

as Oberst der Wache

International Titles

Passion Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 18 September 1919

United States 12 December 1920

Production Companies

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Madame DuBarry (1919)

Título original: Madame DuBarry (Alemania) Director: Ernst Lubitsch. Actores: Pola Negri Emil Jannings Harry Liedtke Eduard von Winterstein Reinhold ...

Madame DuBarry (1919) Trailer

The story of Madame DuBarry the mistress of Louis XV of France and her loves in the time of the French revolution.

Madame Dubarry 1919

Título original: Madame DuBarry (Alemania) Director: Ernst Lubitsch. Actores: Pola Negri Emil Jannings Harry Liedtke Eduard von Winterstein Reinhold ...

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Ernst Lubitsch Madame Dubarry

The fabled mistress of Louis XV. Music composed and copyrighted by Edward Boensnes. Before Ernst Lubitsch created his eminently sophisticated Hollywood ...

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