The Plague in Florence Trailer

The Plague in Florence Trailer (1919)

22 October 1919 Drama, Horror 103 mins

Suddenly appearing in Florence, an evil seductress causes Cesare, the city's ruler, and his son to both fall madly in love with her. The son, killing his father before an order to torture the woman can be carried out, then turns the city's churches into dens of sexual debauchery. Acts of evil and corruption continue unabated until the arrival of Death, who brings with her a horrible plague which she is about to loose upon the city.

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Willy Hameister

Willy Hameister Director of Photography

Carl Hoffmann

Carl Hoffmann Director of Photography

Emil Schünemann

Emil Schünemann Director of Photography

Walter Reimann

Walter Reimann Art Direction

Walter Röhrig

Walter Röhrig Art Direction

Hermann Warm

Hermann Warm Art Direction

International Titles

Die Pest in Florenz Trailer

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Germany 22 October 1919

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