The County Fair Trailer

The County Fair Trailer (1920)

05 September 1920 Drama 50 mins

"The County Fair" begins with a nasty rich guy threatening to turn an old lady onto the street--unless her niece (who lives with her) marries this man's son. While she's dead set against it, the niece is a sweet thing and would do anything to help her aunt--even marry the rich jerk. However, a possible way out is presented. When a poor young man is taken in and fed, he turns out (naturally) to be a jockey and thinks he can win the $3000 prize at the fair and save the farm.

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Helen Jerome Eddy

as Sally Greenway

David Butler

as Joel Bartlett

William V. Mong

as Solon Hammerhead

Arthur Housman

as Bruce Hammerhead

Edythe Chapman

as Aunt Abigail Prue

John Steppling

as Otis Tucker

John Steppling

as Otis Tucker

Charles Barton

as Tim Vail

Wesley Barry

as Tommy Perkins


Charles Barnard

Charles Barnard Theatre Play

Charles Van Enger

Charles Van Enger Director of Photography

René Guissart

René Guissart Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 05 September 1920

Production Companies

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The County Fair (1920) Silent Movie

Please subscribe my channel Directors: Edmund Mortimer Maurice Tourneur Writers: J. Grubb Alexander Charles Barnard (play) Stars: Helen Jerome Eddy ...

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