Broken Hearts of Broadway Trailer

Broken Hearts of Broadway Trailer (1923)

01 July 1923 Drama

The story of a young actress trying to attain stardom on Broadway.

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Colleen Moore

as Mary Ellis

Johnnie Walker

as George Colton

Alice Lake

as Bubbles Revere

Tully Marshall

as Barney Ryan

Kate Price

as Lydia Ryan

Creighton Hale

as An Outcast

Tony Merlo

as Tony Guido (as Anthony Merlo)

Arthur Stuart Hull

as Barry Peale

Freeman Wood

as Frank Huntleigh

International Releases Dates

United States 01 July 1923

Production Companies

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Corazones rotos de Broadway/Broken hearts of Broadway (1923 EE.UU.) Irving Cummings

Dirigida por Irving Cummings e interpretada por Colleen Moore Johnnie Walker y Alice Lake. Melodrama sobre la eterna búsqueda de éxito en la Meca de las ...

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