Rhythmus 21 Trailer

Rhythmus 21 Trailer (1923)

06 July 1923 Animated 3 mins

Abstract animated short film. Grey and white squares change size and shape on a black background.

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International Releases Dates

France 06 July 1923

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1921 Hans Richter - "Rhythmus 21" (edit)

Hans Richter was a german avant-garde artist who started experimenting with film together with Viking Eggeling. His first published result is "Rhythmus 1921" presumably created in 1921

Rhythmus 21

Early experimental film spanned a wide range of artistic movements particularly in the 1920s propelling the newfound medium into the 20th century. Movements such as Dadaism Surrealism...

Rhythmus 21 (remasterizado)

Nada más que una sorprendentemente genial sincronización del clásico del cine dadaísta Rythmus 21 con la pieza de "Artikulation" del músico húngaro György Ligeti.

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