Rhythmus 21 Trailer

Rhythmus 21 Trailer (1923)

06 July 1923 Animated 3 mins

Abstract animated short film. Grey and white squares change size and shape on a black background.

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France 06 July 1923

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1921 Hans Richter - "Rhythmus 21" (edit)

Hans Richter was a german avant-garde artist who started experimenting with film together with Viking Eggeling. His first published result is "Rhythmus 1921" ...

Rhythmus 21

Rhythmus 21 de Hans Richter. Año: 1921.

Rhythmus 21

Early experimental film spanned a wide range of artistic movements particularly in the 1920s propelling the newfound medium into the 20th century.

Hans Richter -Rhythmus 21- Electronic Music


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