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Don Q Son of Zorro Trailer (1925)

15 June 1925

Returning to the legend that inspired his first swashbuckling adventure, Fairbanks appeared in DON Q, SON OF ZORRO.

The Tower of Lies Trailer (1925)

10 October 1925

After his beloved daughter leaves for the city to pay off his debt, an old farmer goes mad when her letters become less frequent and it is suspected she may be using her body to get the money.

Alice Loses Out Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

A rich garbage magnate (Ima Hogg) is being driven along to a hotel, run by Alice and her cat Julius. The hotel has seen better times, and so the two are thrilled when they see the limousine roll up.

El abuelo Trailer (1925)

06 December 1925

Alice Plays Cupid Trailer (1925)

14 October 1925

Julius is a lifeguard at the beach, where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful female cat. Alice decides to help out by driving the car when the two decide to elope.

The Sea Squawk Trailer (1925)

04 January 1925

A Scottish immigrant on board ship becomes a pawn in a jewel heist aboard the S.S. Cognac, a three-star liner.

Sally of the Sawdust Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Judge Foster throws his daughter out because she married a circus man. She leaves her baby girl with Prof.

The Uneasy Three Trailer (1925)

15 November 1925

Often hysterical spoof of Tod Browning's THE UNHOLY THREE (and several others of his crime movies) has Charley Chase playing the mastermind of a dimwitted trio of thieves who plan on stealing a priceless jewel.

Curses Trailer (1925)

16 May 1925

When Buttonshoe Bill steals some papers from Buckwheat Ben, and kidnaps Ben's daughter, Rodney Hemingway comes to the rescue.

The Road to Yesterday Trailer (1925)

13 November 1925

Malena's apparent frigidity toward her husband Kenneth is a result of injustice done in an earlier incarnation when he was a knight and she was a gypsy headed for burning at the stake.

His Wooden Wedding Trailer (1925)

19 December 1925

A few moments before Charley is going to marry, a friend, gives him an anonymous note, stating that the bride has a wooden leg.

Moonlight Nights Trailer (1925)

15 July 1925

With a little-known director and second-string cast, the two-reel Moonlight Nights is typical of these low-budget independent productions.

Alice Picks the Champ Trailer (1925)

29 July 1925

It's mayhem in the house as Julius the cat squares off against a pugilistic bear while Alice looks on adoringly.

Oh, Doctor! Trailer (1925)

23 February 1925

Rufus Billings was born premature and after a lifetime of doctors doting on his frail health he is now a hypochondriac of the first order.

The Blackguard Trailer (1925)

26 October 1925

A French violinist saves his beloved princess from the Russian revolution..

The Perfect Clown Trailer (1925)

14 December 1925

A clerk is given $10,000 to deposit at the bank, but the bank is closed for the night so he tries to get to the bank president's house with the money.

The Movies Trailer (1925)

07 October 1925

Silent comedy about a poor country bumpkin who goes to Hollywood to make good.

Der Zirkuskönig Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Édouard-Émile Violet.

The Splendid Crime Trailer (1925)

16 December 1925

The Splendid Crime is a lost 1926 crime drama directed by William C. deMille and starring Bebe Daniels.

Dick Turpin Trailer (1925)

01 February 1925

1925 adventure film starring Tom Mix

Confessions of a Queen Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

The King of Illyris marries a neighboring princess, who finds out he has a mistress, Sephora. Revolted, she turns to Prince Alexei for friendship.

Little Annie Rooney Trailer (1925)

18 October 1925

A tough slum girl faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves is accused of shooting her cop father.

The Vanishing American Trailer (1925)

15 October 1925

A tribe of Navajo live on a reservation overseen by an Indian-hating agent.

Kiss Me Again Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Gaston Fleury's wife, Loulou, takes a perfunctory interest in music but a deeper one in a musician named Maurice.

The Plastic Age Trailer (1925)

14 December 1925

Hugh Carver is an athletic star and a freshman at Prescott College. He falls in love with Cynthia Day, a popular girl who loves to go to parties.

The Midnight Girl Trailer (1925)

14 February 1925

A corrupt art patron finds himself in love with the same girl as his stepson.

Are Parents People? Trailer (1925)

14 July 1925

The teenage daughter of a wealthy couple is horrified to find out that her parents, who spend most of their time fighting with each other, are planning to divorce.

Pohjalaisia Trailer (1925)

16 November 1925

The story, set in the 19th century, revolves around the hot-blooded Jussi, a young farmer, and his friend Antti and their brushes with the local nimismies (sheriff) and the häjyt (badmen).

Taming the West Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

Proud Flesh Trailer (1925)

27 April 1925

The snooty Fernanda decides to visit her uncle in Frisco to escape the attentions on Don Diego but he follows her.

Recompense Trailer (1925)

26 April 1925

Black and white melodrama.

Smouldering Fires Trailer (1925)

18 January 1925

A successful businesswoman falls in love with one of her (much younger) factory workers. She doesn't know that he is in love with her younger sister.

The Prairie Pirate Trailer (1925)

10 October 1925

A young woman finds herself trapped by a bandit gang. Rather than be raped by the gang, she commits suicide.

Durand of the Bad Lands Trailer (1925)

01 November 1925

A Woman of the World Trailer (1925)

28 December 1925

A European countess, after being betrayed by her lover, goes to live in small town Middle America with her cousins and causes havoc among the rather puritanical community members.

A Kiss for Cinderella Trailer (1925)

22 December 1925

An adaption of a novel by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie.

Boys Will Be Joys Trailer (1925)

25 July 1925

Adults have the Pike and Coney Island amusement parks, so the rascals put up their own rides in a large vacant lot.

The Rag Man Trailer (1925)

16 February 1925

Tim Kelly is an orphan who runs away after his orphanage burns down. Presumed to be killed in the fire, he is able to roam the streets of New York freely.

White Thunder Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

Double Love Trailer (1925)

27 November 1925

Jean Angelo is a degenerate gambler. His losses at baccarat have bankrupted his lover, Nathalie Lissenko.

Salammbô Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Based on the historical novel by Flaubert, "Salammbo" tells the story of the Mercenary War between Carthage and the Barbarians in the third century BC.

Parisian Love Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Armand and Marie survive in the streets until a scientist takes them in after a botched robbery.

Wolfheart's Revenge Trailer (1925)

04 March 1925

Blake, the crooked foreman of a cattle ranch, murders a sheep rancher. Then after framing ranch hand Jack for the murder, he urges the ranch hands to hang him.

The Red Kimona Trailer (1925)

15 November 1925

A woman is abandoned by her lover and prostitution is the only way she has to survive.

California Straight Ahead Trailer (1925)

12 September 1925

There is a dash, a swing to the title of this Reginald Denny film which spells romance and adventure.

Fair Warning Trailer (1925)

26 September 1925

The Dome Doctor Trailer (1925)

18 April 1925

A Larry Semon comedy short.

Water Wagons Trailer (1925)

22 February 1925

A boat race rivalry erupts into comical danger.

Clash of the Wolves Trailer (1925)

17 November 1925

A fire in the mountains drive a wolf pack into the nearby desert where they terrorize the local residents.

Half a Man Trailer (1925)

30 August 1925

Laurel plays Winchell McSweeney, whose fisherman parents forced him to leave home and make it on his own when they can no longer afford to keep supporting him.

Lady Windermere's Fan Trailer (1925)

26 December 1925

Mrs Erlynne, the mother of Lady Windermere - her daughter does not know about her - wants to be introduced in society, so that she can marry Lord Augustus Lorton.

Express Train of Love Trailer (1925)

06 May 1925

Silent romantic comedy set on a train.

Opus IV Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

An abstract animation by Walter Ruttmann.

Boarding House Groonen Trailer (1925)

09 January 1925

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

Bobbed Hair Trailer (1925)

24 October 1925

Mystery of bootleggers, hijackers, a girl with bobbed hair, and a talented bull terrier.

Madame Behave Trailer (1925)

06 December 1925

A cross-dressing farce, adapted from "Madame Lucy" by Jean Arlette, in which to help a friend in a lawsuit, Jack Mitchell disguises himself as the mysterious "Madame Brown," a missing witness important to the case of the plaintiff.

The Prude's Fall Trailer (1925)

23 November 1925

A French captain persuades a rich widow to become his mistress, but it is a scheme to test her love.

The Pony Express Trailer (1925)

03 September 1925

The Pony Express is a silent 1925 Western film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The Manicure Girl Trailer (1925)

06 July 1925

A manicurist in the beauty shop of a large metropolitan hotel, is engaged to Antonio Luca an electrician.

Fiddlin' Around Trailer (1925)

14 June 1925

FIDDLIN AROUND' (1925) (Starring Babe Hardy).