El abuelo Trailer

El abuelo Trailer (1925)

06 December 1925

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Spain 06 December 1925

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EL ABUELO (1925)

Fragmento de la Película Española "EL ABUELO" Realización: José Buchs (1925) Título original El abuelo Año 1925 Duración 115 min. País España Director ...

El abuelo (1998) de José Luis Garci (El Despotricador Cinéfilo)

El canal de YouTube de El Despotricador Cinéfilo ofrece fragmentos de películas solicitadas por los usuarios. Cada uno de esos fragmentos no exceden ...

El abuelo (1925 España)

Melodrama galdosiano gran éxito en su época. Un buen ejemplo de virtudes y carencias del ignorado cine mudo español. Dirigido por el prolífico José Buchs ...

El abuelo - José Luis Garci (1998)

Título original: El abuelo Año: 1998 Duración: 140 min. País: España Director: José Luis Garci Guion: José Luis Garci Horacio Valcárcel (Novela: Benito Pérez ...


Adaptación teatral de la novela del escritor español Benito Pérez Galdós publicada en 1897 que cierra el ciclo "espiritualista" de las novelas españolas ...

El Abuelo

Para mi la mejor película Española.

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The Iron Mule Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925

A train known as the Iron Mule is loaded with passengers, and starts off on its trip. Along the way, the train faces numerous obstacles and delays.

The Joyless Street Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

In 1921 in the poor part of an Austrian town called Melchiorgasse there are only two wealthy people: the butcher Josef Geiringer and his wife.

Ubasuteyama Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Based on a Japanese legend, this animated short tells the story of a farmer who attempts to hide his mother from the wrath of a Lord who forces all people 60 and older from his village.

The Eagle Trailer (1925)

08 November 1925

Vladimir Dubrouvsky, a lieutenant in the Russian army, catches the eye of Czarina Catherine II. He spurns her advances and flees, and she puts out a warrant for his arrest, dead or alive.

Kentucky Pride Trailer (1925)

06 September 1925

Kentucky Pride is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by John Ford. It is the story of a Beaumont race horse, and it told through from the point of view of the horse via intertitles.

The Phantom of the Opera Trailer (1925)

06 September 1925

A grotesquely disfigured composer known as the "Phantom" haunts Paris' opera house, where he's secretly grooming Christine Daae to be an opera diva.

The Death Ray Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

Luch Smerti aka The Death Ray an old soviet sci-fi thriller with communist undertones.

Alice the Toreador Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice is in a bullfight where she thinks she will win since she is matched against a peaceful bull. But the tables are turned when her bull is switched with one with a worse temper.

Alice Chops the Suey Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice is kidnapped by Chinese Gangsters and brought to Chinatown. Her cat tries (successfully) to rescue her, but then they're hunted by a bunch of angry Chinese Triad members.

Tumbleweeds Trailer (1925)

27 December 1925

It's 1889 and the Cherokee Strip is about to be opened to settlers. After cowboy Dan Carver helps move the Box K cattle off the strip he meets Molly Lassiter.

Sure-Mike! Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

Vermuda, a saleswoman in a department store, is very late for work. She relies on a ruse to fool the floorwalker, and when that doesn't work, she relies on her friendship with the store manager.

The Unholy Three Trailer (1925)

16 September 1925

Three sideshow performers leave their lives of captivity and form a conspiracy known as "The Unholy Three" - a sideshow ventriloquist, midget, and strongman work together to commit a series of robberies.


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