Go West Trailer

Go West Trailer (1925)

01 November 1925 Drama, Comedy, Western 69 mins

Keaton portrays Friendless, who travels west to try to make his fortune. Once there, he tries his hand at bronco-busting, cattle wrangling, and dairy farming, eventually forming a bond with a cow named "Brown Eyes." Eventually he finds himself leading a herd of cattle through Los Angeles.

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Buster Keaton

as Friendless

Howard Truesdale

as Owner of the Diamond Bar Ranch

Kathleen Myers

as His Daughter

Ray Thompson

as The Foreman

Brown Eyes

as Herself

Roscoe Arbuckle

as Woman in Department Store (uncredited)

Joe Keaton

as Man in Barber Shop (uncredited)

Gus Leonard

as General Store Owner (uncredited)

Babe London

as Woman in Department Store (uncredited)


Konrad Elfers

Original Music Composer

Bert Haines

Bert Haines Director of Photography

Elgin Lessley

Elgin Lessley Director of Photography

Fred Gabourie

Fred Gabourie Art Direction

International Releases Dates

United States 01 November 1925

Production Companies

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Buster Keaton Go West 1925 720p

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buster keaton go west 1925 busy street scene

Busy street scene from the movie Go West (1925) starring Buster Keaton.

Buster Keaton Go West (1925)

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Buster Keaton Go West (1925) 2

These videos are created for referential purposes to the original work and are not profitable in any way. No copyright infringement intended.

Trailer - Go West with The Shortbread Cookies - IOIC - Kino Orion Dübendorf

WEIBLICHKEIT IM STUMMFILM Stummfilm mit Live-Vertonung Mittwoch 20:00 Go West (USA 1925 69') Buster Keaton Live-Vertonung: The Shortbread Cookies Kino Orion

Go West - Milkin' It

An excerpt from our original score to Buster Keaton's "Go West" recorded live at the premiere.

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