Pohjalaisia Trailer

Pohjalaisia Trailer (1925)

16 November 1925

The story, set in the 19th century, revolves around the hot-blooded Jussi, a young farmer, and his friend Antti and their brushes with the local nimismies (sheriff) and the häjyt (badmen). The film, shot on location on the plains of Ostrobothnia, conveys a good sense of its unique landscape. Both Järviluoma and the director, Jalmari Lahdensuo were from Ostrobothnia and the film suc­cessfully expresses a feeling of the true spirit of the province.

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Hemmo Airamo

as Kriivari

Otto Al'Antila

as Koljola

Thorild Bröderman

as Vallesmanni

Simo Kaario

as Erkki Harri

Kaisu Leppänen

as Maija Harri

Hannes Närhi

as Kaappo

Lauri Rautala

as Salttu

Einar Rinne

as Antti Hanka

William Räisänen

as Siltavouti

Oiva Soini

as Jussi Harri

Yrjö Somersalmi

as Karjanmaan Köysti

Iivari Tuomisto

as Herastuomari


International Releases Dates

Finland 16 November 1925

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