The Light of Asia Trailer

The Light of Asia Trailer (1925)

22 October 1925 Drama 97 mins

Living an indolent life in a luxurious palace, Prince Gautama (Rai) is insulated by his family from the harshness of the world outside. But he is destined to learn greater truths: shocked to discover the pain and suffering of so many in his kingdom, he abandons his privileged existence, and his wife Gopa (Seeta Devi), to become a wandering teacher, eventually finding enlightenment and founding Buddhism. Featuring superimposed images and deep-focus shots that were highly impressive for the time, Light of Asia astutely combines a deeply felt spirituality with the surefire attraction of Indian exotica, which helped make it a considerable success in Europe.

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Franz Osten


Himansu Rai


Himansu Rai

Himansu Rai Producer

Hansheinrich Dransmann

Original Music Composer

Willi Kiermeier

Willi Kiermeier Director of Photography

Josef Wirsching

Josef Wirsching Director of Photography

Devika Rani

Devika Rani Set Decoration

Charu Roy

Charu Roy Costume Design

Bertl Schultes

Bertl Schultes Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

Germany 22 October 1925

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The Light of Asia full hd movie trailer.

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