The Phantom of the Opera Trailer

The Phantom of the Opera Trailer (1925)

"The greatest horror film of modern cinema!" 06 September 1925 Drama, Horror 93 mins

A grotesquely disfigured composer known as the "Phantom" haunts Paris' opera house, where he's secretly grooming Christine Daae to be an opera diva. Luring her to his underground lair, the Phantom declares his love. But Christine loves Raoul de Chagny and plans to elope with him after her next performance. When the Phantom finds out, he abducts Christine, incurring the wrath of Raoul -- and a horde of rabid Parisians.

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Lon Chaney

as Erik, The Phantom

Mary Philbin

as Christine Daaé

Norman Kerry

as Vicomte Raoul de Chagny

Gibson Gowland

as Simon Buquet

John St. Polis

as Comte Philip de Chagny

Snitz Edwards

as Florine Papillon

Virginia Pearson

as Carlotta

Chester Conklin

as Orderly (uncredited)

Carla Laemmle

as Prima Ballerina (uncredited)


Milton Bridenbecker

Milton Bridenbecker Director of Photography

Virgil Miller

Virgil Miller Director of Photography

Charles Van Enger

Charles Van Enger Director of Photography

Ben Carré

Ben Carré Production Design

International Titles

El fantasma de la ópera Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 06 September 1925

Production Companies

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