The Sporting Venus Trailer

The Sporting Venus Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925 Drama, Romance 66 mins

Familiar story of spoiled heiress, Blanche Sweet, who dabbles in romance with commoner Ronald Colman. They roam the highlands together hunting since this is Sweet's "sport." They seem to have an idyllic affair going when into the mix comes an impoverished prince (Lew Cody). He determines to steal away the heiress and pay off his creditors. Indeed, this is the plan he shares with them.

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Blanche Sweet

as Lady Gwendolyn

Ronald Colman

as Donald MacAllan

Lew Cody

as Prince Carlos

Josephine Crowell

as Countess Van Alstyne

Edward Martindel

as Sir Alfred Grayle

Kate Price

as Housekeeper

Hank Mann

as Carlos' Valet

Arthur Hoyt

as Detective


David Kesson

David Kesson Director of Photography

Cedric Gibbons

Cedric Gibbons Art Direction

Ethel P. Chaffin

Ethel P. Chaffin Costume Design

Tom Held

Tom Held Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

United States 12 April 1925

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