Whirlpool of Fate Trailer

Whirlpool of Fate Trailer (1925)

20 March 1925 Drama, Romance 72 mins

Jean Renoir's directional debut and first silent film stars his wife, Catherine Hessling, as a young girl who manages to turn her tragic family life into one of joy and happiness.

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Catherine Hessling

as Virginia Rosaert

Charlotte Clasis

as Madame Maubien

Pierre Champagne

as Justin Crepoix

Maurice Touzé

as La Fuine

Georges Térof

as Monsieur Raynal

Madame Fockenberghe

as Madame Raynal

Harold Levingston

as Georges Raynal

André Derain

as Patron du 'Bon Coin'

Henriette Moret

as La Roussette

Pierre Renoir

as Farmer


Jean Renoir


Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir Producer

Jean Bachelet

Jean Bachelet Director of Photography

Alphonse Gibory

Alphonse Gibory Director of Photography

Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir Set Decoration

Pierre Champagne

Pierre Champagne Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

France 20 March 1925

Production Companies

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