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The General Trailer (1926)

31 December 1926

The General is a 1927 American silent film comedy from Buster Keaton. The film flopped when first released but is now regarded as the height of silent film comedy.

For Heaven's Sake Trailer (1926)

05 April 1926

The Uptown Boy, J. Harold Manners (Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Ralston) who works in Brother Paul's (Weigel) mission.

Egged On Trailer (1926)

06 September 1926

Charley invents a machine that turns ordinary, breakable eggs into rubbery, unbreakable ones for transport.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed Trailer (1926)

03 September 1926

Based on stories from "The Arabian Nights." A wicked sorcerer tricks Prince Achmed into riding a magical flying horse.

Alice's Little Parade Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Julius is riding through the town declaring war and the villagers promptly arm and ready themselves. While Alice inspects the troops, the opposing army (made up of mice) fires its cannons.

Alice's Mysterious Mystery Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A mouse and his boss pose as dogcatchers and grab a schoolhouse full of dogs; they use several other ruses to round up dogs for, as we discover, a sausage factory.

The Black Pirate Trailer (1926)

08 March 1926

A nobleman vows to avenge the death of his father at the hands of pirates. To this end he infiltrates the pirate band.

The Boob Trailer (1926)

17 May 1926

To impress the girl he loves, a poor country boy dons Tom Mix attire and tries to capture a group of local bootleggers.

Ice Cold Cocos Trailer (1926)

20 June 1926

Billy and Andy impersonate two ice-delivery men in a suburban town. Billy takes a fancy to a newly-wed bride and most of his loose cash is liquidated as he flirts with her.

The Blackbird Trailer (1926)

11 January 1926

Two thieves, the Blackbird and West End Bertie, fall in love with the same girl, a French nightclub performer named Fifi.

Mother Trailer (1926)

11 October 1926

A story about a family torn apart by a worker's strike. At first, the mother wants to protect her family from the troublemakers, but eventually she realizes that her son is right and the workers should strike.

Alice's Orphan Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Julius the cat is skating on a pond when he espies a young lady break through the ice. He saves her, only to realize she's not particularly attractive, and so throws her back.

Alice on the Farm Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

While Julius is milking his cow, Pete kidnaps Alice. Julius gives chase, and winds up in a duel with Pete.

The Bat Trailer (1926)

14 March 1926

A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

The Temptress Trailer (1926)

03 October 1926

In a masked ball in Paris, Manuel Robledo, a young Argentinian architect, meets Elena, the Marquess of Torre Blanca.

By the Law Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A five-person team of gold prospectors in the Yukon has just begun to enjoy great success when one of the members snaps, and suddenly kills two of the others.

Battling Butler Trailer (1926)

19 September 1926

Alfred's father feels his son has grown up too comfortably and as a result has not become what a man should be.

Along Came Auntie Trailer (1926)

25 July 1926

A divorced couple try to pretend they are still happily married in order to get $100,000 from the woman's divorce-disapproving aunt.

Faust Trailer (1926)

13 October 1926

God and Satan war over earth; to settle things, they wager on the soul of Faust, a learned and prayerful alchemist.

Sparrows Trailer (1926)

14 May 1926

Evil Mr.Grimes keeps a rag-tag bunch orphans on his farm deep in a swamp in the US South. He forces them to work in his garden and treats them like slaves.

Torrent Trailer (1926)

08 February 1926

A young girl and her father are kicked out of their house by a cruel noblewoman, and the girl's heart is broken when her sweetheart, the noblewoman's son, won't go to Paris with them.

Thundering Fleas Trailer (1926)

04 July 1926

The kids from Our Gang have to attend a wedding, and they bring along their flea collection--which gets loose.

Anemic Cinema Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

Short film about a spiral design spins dizzily. It's replaced by a spinning disk. These two continue in perfect alternation until the end: a spiral design, a disk.

Wandering Papas Trailer (1926)

21 February 1926

A cook for bridge constructors is told to collect food for dinner-Ritz style trout, Palmer house rabbit and a 15cm frosted cake.

Nana Trailer (1926)

25 June 1926

A government official, Count Muffat, falls under the spell of Nana, a young actress. She becomes his mistress, living in the sumptuous apartment which he provides for her.

The Cruise of the Jasper B Trailer (1926)

12 December 1926

The film stars actor Rod La Rocque as 'Jerry Cleggert', a good-natured descendant of an infamous clan of pirates who resides aboard the rickety ship Jasper B.

3 Bad Men Trailer (1926)

28 August 1926

Three outlaws come to the aid of a young girl after her father is killed. A silent film directed by John Ford.

Flesh and the Devil Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

Leo and Ulrich are life long friends. Home, on leave from their military training, Leo sees the beautiful Felicitas at the railroad station.

Emak-Bakia Trailer (1926)

26 July 1926

Non-narrative film

The Cheerful Fraud Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

A young man fakes his identity to impress a girl.

Please Excuse Me Trailer (1926)

09 November 1926

Sixth release in the 'Excuse Makers' 2-reel comedy series. This is one of a million comedy shorts of the 20s showcasing so-so pratfalls in the middle of Los Angeles, then a very pretty city.

A Page of Madness Trailer (1926)

24 September 1926

A man takes a job at an asylum with hopes of freeing his imprisoned wife.

Ella Cinders Trailer (1926)

06 June 1926

Poor Ella Cinders is much abused by her evil step-mother and step-sisters. When she wins a local beauty contest she jumps at the chance to get out of her dead-end life and go to Hollywood, where she is promised a job in the movies.

Secrets of a Soul Trailer (1926)

24 March 1926

Werner Krauss, who had played the deranged Dr. Caligari six years earlier, stars as a scientist who is tormented by an irrational fear of knives and the irresistible compulsion to murder his wife.

Long Fliv the King Trailer (1926)

13 June 1926

This offbeat comedy from future Hollywood screwball director McCarey is about a princess who must find a husband in 24 hours or forfeit her throne.

The Strong Man Trailer (1926)

19 November 1926

A meek Belgian soldier (Harry Langdon) fighting in World War I receives penpal letters and a photo from "Mary Brown", an American girl he has never met.

A Sixth Part of the World Trailer (1926)

31 December 1926

Through the travelogue format, it depicts the multitude of Soviet peoples in remote areas of USSR and details the entirety of the wealth of the Soviet land.

A Filha do Advogado Trailer (1926)

08 November 1926

In Recife, Dr. Paulo is an important lawyer that has a daughter, Heloísa, with his paramour and living in the country.

Cab No. 13 Trailer (1926)

06 March 1926

The film starts with a woman on the run from her millionaire husband giving birth to a daughter in the home of a washerwoman.

On the Front Page Trailer (1926)

28 November 1926

After being beaten to a story of scandal involving Countess Polasky, James W. Hornby assigns his son 24 hours to find an even more scandalous story about the countess.

The Son of the Sheik Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Ahmed, son of Diana and Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan, falls in love with Yasmin, a dancing girl who fronts her father's gang of mountebanks.

Camille Trailer (1926)

01 January 1926

A home movie version of the Dumas play: a young woman becomes a courtesan and tragedy befalls her.

The Scarlet Letter Trailer (1926)

09 August 1926

In Puritan Boston, seamstress Hester Prynne is punished for playing on the Sabbath day; but kindly minister Arthur Dimmesdale takes pity on her.

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Trailer (1926)

21 March 1926

Low-life Harry falls in love with sweet Betty who inspires him to improve himself so he can marry her.

Charley My Boy! Trailer (1926)

24 January 1926

A daughter's rich father wants to marry her off to a rich but older man. The daughter has other ideas however and sets out to find a nice young man she can fall in love with.

The Late Mathias Pascal Trailer (1926)

12 February 1926

Mathias Pascal, only son of a once-rich family, marries beautiful Romalinda, who has a terrible mother-in-law.

Other Women's Husbands Trailer (1926)

17 March 1926

When his wife, Kay, goes out of town on a visit, Dick Lambert attends a party arranged by an old college friend, Jack Harding, with whom Kay has flirted on a previous dinner engagement; there he finds solace in the charms of Roxana, and he soon is making excuses to his wife for his frequent absences from home.

45 Minutes from Hollywood Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

A young man visiting Hollywood on family business gets into trouble when he sees a bank robbery in progress, and thinks it is a movie scene.

Bardelys the Magnificent Trailer (1926)

30 September 1926

Rafael Sabatini's story of the swashbuckling era and of Bardeleys, the handsome courtier who could win any woman he set his mind to.

Miss Mend Trailer (1926)

01 October 1926

Three reporters and an office girl are trying to stop a bacteriological strike by some powerful western business leaders against the USSR.

Crazy like a fox Trailer (1926)

26 August 1926

Two rich capitalists want to marry their children, but they don't like the idea at all. She tries to run away, and meets him at the station.

Baby Clothes Trailer (1926)

24 April 1926

Mr. and Mrs. Weedle are desperate to find two babies, for their rich uncle has sent them money for years thinking they have children.

Kiki Trailer (1926)

04 April 1926

Kiki, a poor young woman who sells newspapers on the street corners of Paris, is able to land a job singing and dancing at a nearby theater.

La Bohème Trailer (1926)

13 March 1926

It is 1830 in Paris and the rent is due, but the money is not there. An article here, a painting there and a monkey with a cup gives them enough money for the rent, but not for food.

A Sticky Business Trailer (1926)

18 October 1926

We find our old friend Jerry sitting on a cushion taking mail from a mail sack, reading it then throwing it into a wastepaper basket.

Moana Trailer (1926)

07 January 1926

Robert J. Flaherty's South Seas follow-up to Nanook of the North is a Gauguin idyll moved by "pride of beauty.

The Sign of the Claw Trailer (1926)

01 May 1926

A police dog and his cop track a gang of bank robbers, one of which is the dog's former abusive owner.

The Deputy Trailer (1926)

18 October 1926

Animation featuring Jerry the Troublesome Tyke - a cartoon dog. A U.I.C. production. Jerry appears through a hole in a theatre stage, jumps up and takes a bow.

Exquisite Sinner Trailer (1926)

27 March 1926

Directed by Josef von Sternberg.

The Sorrows of Satan Trailer (1926)

11 October 1926

Geoffrey is desperately in love with Mavis, who lives at his boardinghouse and is also pursuing a writing career.