Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Trailer

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Trailer (1927)

"An Artistic Masterpiece And Also A Joy To Watch" 23 September 1927 Drama, Crime, Romance 94 mins

A married farmer falls under the spell of a slatternly woman from the city, who tries to convince him to drown his wife.

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George O'Brien

as The Man (Anses)

Janet Gaynor

as The Wife (Indre)

Margaret Livingston

as The Woman from the City

Bodil Rosing

as The Maid

J. Farrell MacDonald

as The Photographer

Ralph Sipperly

as The Barber

Jane Winton

as The Manicure Gir

Arthur Housman

as The Obtrusive Gentleman

Eddie Boland

as The Obliging Gentleman

Gino Corrado

as Manager of Hair Salon

Gibson Gowland

as Angry driver

Herman Bing

as Streetcar Conductor (uncredited)

Sally Eilers

as Woman in Dance Hall (uncredited)

F.W. Murnau

as Dancer (uncredited)

Robert Parrish

as Boy (uncredited)

Sally Phipps

as Ballroom Dancer / Kissing Couple (uncredited)


Edgar G. Ulmer

Edgar G. Ulmer Assistant Art Director

F.W. Murnau


Timothy Brock

Original Music Composer

William Fox

William Fox Producer

Hugo Riesenfeld

Original Music Composer

Charles Rosher

Charles Rosher Director of Photography

Karl Struss

Karl Struss Director of Photography

Rochus Gliese

Rochus Gliese Art Direction

Frank Williams

Frank Williams Special Effects

Herman Bing

Herman Bing Assistant Director

Maurice Baron

Maurice Baron Orchestrator

International Titles

Sonnenaufgang Trailer

Litauische Geschichten Trailer

Изгрев: Песен за две човешки души Trailer

Aurora Trailer

日出:两个人的爱情之歌 Trailer

Solopgang Trailer

Päikesetõus Trailer

Amanecer Trailer

Auringonnousu Trailer

Sunrise Trailer

Sunrise - A Song of Two Humans Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 12 January 1928

Brazil 01 January 1928

Germany 17 November 1927

Poland 01 January 1928

Portugal 14 February 1929

Sweden 28 November 1927

United States 23 September 1927

Production Companies

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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans full hd movie trailer.

Sunrise (1927) Trailer

I'm reposting this because youtube somehow created a new account I didn't want and stuck it there. On May 17 2014 (a day after the 85th anniversary of when it won the "Artistic Achievement"...

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans | F.W. Murnau (1927).

The plot of this film is typical of nineteenth-century domestic melodrama involving the temptations held out to a young farmer living happily with his wife and child by a city vamp

Sunrise (1927) trailer

US trailer for Murnau's Sunrise.

Sunrise F.W. Murnau - Trailer

Sunrise Murnau - Trailer.

"Amanecer" (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1927) - Trailer VO

Si quieres saber mas sobre esta película pincha aquí: Todo sobre cine películas estrenos noticias de cine en:

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