The Broken Mask Trailer

The Broken Mask Trailer (1928)

01 January 1928 Drama 60 mins

Pertio, an Argentine dancer, has a severely scarred face that has kept him from succeeding in his chosen career. He is persuaded by Caricia, an Argentine dancer who has become a star, to have a plastic surgeon repair his face. The surgery is successful and the two dancers team up both professionally and personally. However, the doctor who performed the operation has fallen madly in love with Caricia, and his determination to have her leads him to perform a procedure on Pertio that makes his scars reappear.

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Cullen Landis

as Pertio

William V. Mong

as Santo Bendito

Wheeler Oakman

as Dr. Gordon White

James A. Marcus

as Maurice Armato

Philippe De Lacy

as Pertio, as a boy

Ina Anson

as Delores

Nanci Price

as Caricia, as a girl

Pat Harmon

as Revolutionary

International Releases Dates

United States 01 January 1928

Production Companies

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"The Broken Mask" (1928)

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