Le bled Trailer

Le bled Trailer (1929)

17 May 1929 104 mins

An Algerian adventure with intrigue, romance, action and falcons.

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Alexandre Arquillière

as Christian Hoffer

Jackie Monnier

as Claudie Duvernet

Enrique Rivero

as Pierre Hoffer

Diana Hart

as Diane Duvernet

Renée Rozier

as Marie-Jeanne


as Zoubir

Manuel Raaby

as Manuel Duvernet

Hadj Ben Yasmina

as Le chauffeur

Jacques Becker

as Un ouvrier agricole

Enrique Rivero

as Pierre Hoffer


Jean Renoir


Marcel Lucien

Marcel Lucien Cinematography

Marcel Lucien

Marcel Lucien Director of Photography

International Titles

L'entroterra Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 17 May 1929

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Le bled

Extrait du film de Jean Renoir mis en musique par Jean-Pierre Stora.

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