Seven Footprints to Satan Trailer

Seven Footprints to Satan Trailer (1929)

27 January 1929 77 mins

A young man of society wants to make an expedition to Africa, but his fiancée asks him for help about one of her fathers guests shortly before his planed departure. Her suspects about that guest were serious, this man tries to steal one of her fathers rubin, and she and her fiance are kidnapped and brought to a house, where strange things happen. The whole thing becomes a nightmare under the direction of a mysterious Mr. Satan.

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Sheldon Lewis

as The Spider

William V. Mong

as The Professor


as Sôjin

Laska Winters

as Satan's Mistress

Angelo Rossitto

as The Dwarf

Loretta Young

as One of Satan's Victims


Wid Gunning

Wid Gunning Producer

Sol Polito

Sol Polito Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 27 January 1929

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