Laughter Trailer

Laughter Trailer (1930)

24 September 1930 Comedy, Romance 85 mins

Peggy is a Follies dancer who forsakes her life of carefree attachments in order to meet her goal of marrying a millionaire. Alas, her elderly husband, broker C. Morton Gibson, is a well-meaning bore, and soon Peggy begins seeking entertainment elsewhere.

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Nancy Carroll

as Peggy Gibson

Fredric March

as Paul Lockridge

Frank Morgan

as C. Mortimer Gibson

Glenn Anders

as Ralph Le Sainte

Diane Ellis

as Marjorie Gibson

Ollie Burgoyne

as Pearl - Peggy's Maid

Leonard Carey

as Benham, Gibson's Butler

Eric Blore

as Party Guest in Angel Costume (uncredited)


Monta Bell

Monta Bell Producer

Vernon Duke

Original Music Composer

George J. Folsey

George J. Folsey Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 24 September 1930

Production Companies

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Laughter 1930 2 8

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Laughter 1930 - Nancy Carroll - Fredric March - Frank Morgan

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Laughter 1930 3 8

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With Fredric March Nancy Carroll.

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With Fredric March Nancy Carroll.

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