Shadow Ranch Trailer

Shadow Ranch Trailer (1930)

"ALL-TALKING Whirlwind Western" 27 September 1930 Action, Western, Music 64 mins

Summoned to Shadow Ranch by his friend Ranny Williams, Sim Baldwin arrives to find Ranny has been ambushed and murdered. Sim learns ranch owner Ruth Cameron is under pressure to sell out to Dan Blake, as the dam on the ranch controls the town's water supply. Vowing to avenge his old friend's death, Sim takes up Ruth's fight and incurs Blake's hostility.

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Buck Jones

as Sim Baldwin

Marguerite De La Motte

as Ruth Cameron

Kate Price

as Maggie Murphy

Albert J. Smith

as Dan Blake

Frank Rice

as Ranny Williams

Slim Whitaker

as Henchman Curley

Ernie Adams

as Henchman Joe

Ben Corbett

as Cowhand Ben

Willie Fung

as Camp Cook (uncredited)


as Silver - Buck's Horse (uncredited)

International Releases Dates

United States 27 September 1930

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