The Green Goddess Trailer

The Green Goddess Trailer (1930)

13 February 1930 Adventure 73 mins

An airplane carrying three Brits--Major Crespin, his wife Lucille, and Dr. Trahern--crash lands in the kingdom of Rukh. The Rajah holds them prisoner because the British are about to execute his three half-brothers in neighboring India. His subjects believe that their Green Goddess has given them the lives of the three Brits as payment for the lives of the Rajah's brothers. They will execute them when the brothers are executed. Trahern and the Crespins must figure a way to use the Rajah's radio to call India for help.

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George Arliss

as The Raja

H.B. Warner

as Major Crespin

Ralph Forbes

as Dr. Traherne

Alice Joyce

as Lucilla

Reginald Sheffield

as Lieut. Cardew

Betty Boyd

as An Ayah

Nigel De Brulier

as Temple Priest

David Tearle

as High Priest


James Van Trees

James Van Trees Director of Photography

Earl Luick

Earl Luick Costume Design

International Releases Dates

United States 13 February 1930

Production Companies

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