Under the Roofs of Paris Trailer

Under the Roofs of Paris Trailer (1930)

02 January 1930 Drama, Comedy, Romance 96 mins

Albert is smitten for Pola but ends up wrongly committed in jail, in the meantime her affections are sought after by his friend, and on his release both love and friendship must be tested.

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Albert Préjean

as Albert, a young street singer

Pola Illéry

as Pola, a Roumanian girl

Edmond T. Gréville

as Louis, Albert's friend

Bill Bocket

as Bill, The Big Boss

Gaston Modot

as Fred, a purse thief

Paul Ollivier

as Cafe patron

Raymond Aimos

as Un gars du milieu

Thomy Bourdelle

as François

Delphine Abdala

as La buraliste (uncredited)

Raymond Blot

as Un membre de la bande à Fred (uncredited)

Léon Courtois

as L'inspecteur (uncredited)

Edouard Francomme

as Un membre de la bande à Fred (uncredited)

André Michaud

as Un agent (uncredited)

Jane Pierson

as La dame du premier (uncredited)

Louis Pré Fils

as Le locataire du troisième (uncredited)

Eugène Stuber

as Un membre de la bande à Fred (uncredited)


René Clair


Georges Périnal

Georges Périnal Director of Photography

Raoul Moretti

Original Music Composer

Vincent Scotto

Original Music Composer

Georges Raulet

Georges Raulet Director of Photography

Lazare Meerson

Lazare Meerson Art Direction

René Hubert

René Hubert Costume Design

Georges Lacombe

Georges Lacombe Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

United States 02 January 1930

Production Companies

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"Sous les toits de Paris" ("Under the roofs of Paris") Ken Thorne and His Orchestra

From the Films Sonores Tobis movie: "Sous les toits de Paris" (René Clair 1930) Composer: Raoul Moretti RCA RDS 6428.

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