Walk Cheerfully Trailer

Walk Cheerfully Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930 Drama, Crime, Romance 95 mins

Kenji is a small thief who likes drinking and fighting. When he falls in love with sweet and simple Yazue, and she finds out what kind of guy he really is, she leaves him 'until he becomes an honest person'. But it is not easy to get rid of one's past...

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Hideo Shigehara

Hideo Shigehara Director of Photography

Hiroshi Mizutani

Hiroshi Mizutani Set Decoration

International Titles

Hogaraka ni ayume Trailer

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Yasujiro Ozu - Hogaraka ni ayume 1930 VOS (Walk Cheerfully)

CAMINAD CON ENTUSIASMO Kenji es un ladronzuelo al que le gusta emborracharse y pelearse con los demás. Cuando se enamora de la dulce e ingenua ...

Одзу Ozu 1930 "Hogaraka Ni Ayume" "Ande Alegremente" "Бодро шагая" "Walk cheerfully"

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WALK CHEERFULLY (Hogaraka ni ayume) 1930

This video is not intended to violate copyright but rather respect and appreciate the films of Yasujiro Ozu. These clips will be shared on our Ozu website: ...

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