Flying High Trailer

Flying High Trailer (1931)

14 November 1931 Comedy, Music, Romance 80 mins

An inventor (Bert Lahr) and his lanky girlfriend (Charlotte Greenwood) set an altitude record in his winged contraption.

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Bert Lahr

as Emil 'Rusty' Krouse

Charlotte Greenwood

as Pansy Potts

Pat O’Brien

as Sport Wardell

Kathryn Crawford

as Miss Eileen Smith

Charles Winninger

as Dr. Brown

Hedda Hopper

as Mrs. Smith

Guy Kibbee

as Mr. Fred Smith

Gus Arnheim

as Himself - the Orchestra Leader

Loretta Andrews

as Chorus Girl

Richard Carle

as Hotel Manager

Nick Copeland

as Aviator with the Jokester

Mildred Dixon

as Miss Dixon / Dancer

James Durkin

as Mr. Rankin - Detective

Ruth Eddings

as Chorus Girl


Cedric Gibbons

Cedric Gibbons Art Direction


Adrian Costume Design

Douglas Shearer

Douglas Shearer Sound Director

Merritt B. Gerstad

Merritt B. Gerstad Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 14 November 1931

Production Companies

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Bert Lahr and Charles Winninger in Flying High (1931)

Bert Lahr and Charles Winninger in a scene from MGM's "Flying High" (1931).

Bert Lahr from FLYING HIGH

A small section of Bert Lahr's performance from FLYING HIGH.

Bert Lahr and Charlotte Greenwood in Flying High (1931)

Bert Lahr and Charlotte Greenwood doing a musical number called "It'll Be the First Time For Me". From the movie "Flying High" - 1931. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Release date November 14 1931.

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