Hyppolit, the Butler Trailer

Hyppolit, the Butler Trailer (1931)

27 November 1931 Comedy, Romance 75 mins

Mrs. Schneider is recommended to employ a butler instead of a new chambermaid. She agrees, and soon a man called Hyppolit turns up. He had served a count for 27 years, and immediately notes that this house needs a new regime concerning etiquette, manner and furnishing. The Schneiders are wealthy, but used to ordinary middle-class manners. Now they have to put on evening-dress when having supper. Mrs. Schneider has to undergo a rigorous diet, and Mr. Schneider isn't allowed to eat his favorite dishes anymore. To survive both of them sneak out to restaurants in the evenings. Mrs. Schneider wants her daughter Terka to marry Mr. Makáts, because the Schneider Company needs an important contract with his uncle. But Terka is more interested in the company's manager, Benedek, who is also secretly infatuated by her. The Schneiders arrange a big party with Makáts's uncle as guest of honor. The situation becomes complicated, when the night-club vocalist Mimi

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Gyula Csortos

as Hyppolit

Gyula Kabos

as Schneider Mátyás

Mici Haraszti

as Schneider felesége

Éva Fenyvessy

as Terka, Schneider lánya

Gyula Gózon

as Makáts

Pál Jávor

as Benedek István

Sándor Góth

as Member of the Supreme Council

Mici Erdélyi

as Mimi, Night Club Dancer

Ernõ Szenes

as Tóbiás

Elvira Horváthy

as Physical Instructor

Marcsa Simon

as Julcsa


István Eiben

István Eiben Cinematography

Eduard Hoesch

Eduard Hoesch Cinematography

Max Heilbronner

Max Heilbronner Production Design

F.W. Dustmann

F.W. Dustmann Sound Director

Ferenc Lohr

Ferenc Lohr Sound Engineer

László Angyal

László Angyal Music Director

International Titles

Hyppolit a lakáj Trailer

Hyppolit, a lakáj Trailer

Hippolyt, the Lackey Trailer

Hyppolit, the Butler Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hungary 27 November 1931

United States 03 January 1933

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HYPPOLIT the butler Trailer

Mátyás Schneider (Gyula Kabos) is a transportation entrepreneur who has become rich quickly. Despite their humble origins his wife (Mici Haraszti) strives to live a 'sophisticated'

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