Mädchen in Uniform Trailer

Mädchen in Uniform Trailer (1931)

27 November 1931 Drama, Romance 88 mins

A sensitive girl is sent to an all-girls boarding school and develops a romantic attachment to one of her teachers. One of the earliest narrative films to explicitly portray homosexuality.

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Hertha Thiele

as Manuela von Meinhardis

Dorothea Wieck

as Erzieherin Fräulein von Bernburg

Emilia Unda

as Fräulein von Nordeck zur Nidden - Oberin des Stifts

Emilia Unda

as Fräulein von Nordeck zur Nidden - Oberin

Erika Biebrach

as Lilli von Kattner

Hedwig Schlichter

as Frl. von Kesten

Ellen Schwanneke

as Ilse von Westhagen (as Ellen Schwannecke)

Lene Berdolt

as Fräulein von Gaerschner (uncredited)

Margory Bodker

as Miss Evans (uncredited)

Gertrud de Lalsky

as Exzellenz von Ehrenhardt - Manuelas Tante (uncredited)

Else Ehser

as Gardrobiere Elise (uncredited)

Marte Hein

as Anstaltsprotektorin (uncredited)

Miriam Lehmann-Haupt

as Erzieherin (uncredited)

Erika Mann

as Frl. von Atems (uncredited)

Barbara Pirk

as Mia von Wollin (uncredited)

Ethel Reschke

as Oda von Oldersleben (uncredited)


Fritz Maurischat

Fritz Maurischat Art Direction

Reimar Kuntze

Reimar Kuntze Director of Photography

Franz Weihmayr

Franz Weihmayr Director of Photography

Hanson Milde-Meissner

Original Music Composer

Bruno Cieslewicz

Bruno Cieslewicz Makeup Artist

Hugo Froelich

Hugo Froelich Unit Production Manager

Walter Supper

Walter Supper Production Supervisor

Frank Wisbar

Frank Wisbar Production Supervisor

International Titles

Girls in Uniform Trailer

Maedchen in Uniform Trailer

Maidens in Uniform Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 27 November 1931

United States 27 November 1931

Production Companies

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