War Mamas Trailer

War Mamas Trailer (1931)

14 November 1931 Comedy 21 mins

During WW1, the girls become spies when they spend the evening with two German officers.

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Zasu Pitts

as Zasu

Thelma Todd

as Thelma

Charles Judels

as German Major

Allan Lane

as Doughboy

Guinn Williams

as Doughboy

Stuart Holmes

as German General

Adrienne D'Ambricourt

as Countess's Maid (uncredited)

Carrie Daumery

as Countess (uncredited)

Charlie Hall

as Doughboy (uncredited)

William J. O'Brien

as Heinrich, General's Aide (uncredited)

Blanche Payson

as Head Nurse (uncredited)

Harry Schultz

as German (uncredited)

William Yetter Sr.

as German Guard (uncredited)


H.M. Walker

H.M. Walker Dialogue

International Releases Dates

United States 14 November 1931

Production Companies

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