American Madness Trailer

American Madness Trailer (1932)

"The Great American Picture of Today!" 04 August 1932 Drama, Crime 73 mins

American Madness is a film from director Frank Capra from 1932. Set during the depression the film depicts a bank trustee involved in a robbery scandal.

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Walter Huston

as Thomas Dickson

Pat O’Brien

as Matt Brown

Kay Johnson

as Mrs. Phyllis Dickson

Gavin Gordon

as Cyril Cluett

Robert Emmet O'Connor

as Police Inspector

Robert Emmet O'Connor

as Police Inspector (as Robert E. O'Conner)

Robert Ellis

as Dude Finlay

Tom Dugan

as Depositor (uncredited)

Charley Grapewin

as Mr. Jones (uncredited)


Frank Capra


Harry Cohn

Harry Cohn Producer

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker Director of Photography

Stephen Goosson

Stephen Goosson Art Direction

Frank Capra

Frank Capra Producer

Mischa Bakaleinikoff

Original Music Composer

Karl Hajos

Original Music Composer

Allan Dwan


International Titles

Bankkrach in Amerika Trailer

Der Tag an dem die Bank gestürmt wurde Trailer

Der Tag an dem die Bank gestürmt wurde (1932) Trailer

Faith Trailer

Money Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 10 November 1932

United States 04 August 1932

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American Madness (1932)

American Madness full hd movie trailer.

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Walter Huston stars as an idealistic bank president who has been making loans to depositors without sufficient collateral. When there's a run on his bank his ...

American Madness

From Frank Capra's American Madness (1931) starring Walter Huston.

American Madness - Bank Rush

American Madness is a Frank Capra film written by Robert Riskin. This movie made in 1932 is the story of how a simple event causes a run on a bank.

American Madness - Character

During financial crisis a bank president must convince his board of directors to keep the money flowing. Sounds like what is happening today. American ...

Американское безумие / American Madness (1932)

Отрывок "Ходят слухи"

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