Cross-Examination Trailer

Cross-Examination Trailer (1932)

13 February 1932 Drama, Mystery 74 mins

Defense Atorney Gerald Waring uses great skill and ingenuity in his efforts to save the life of a boy charged with the murder of his father. Witness after witness piles up damaging evidence against the accused youth, but expert cross-examination by Waring digs out the startling truth behind the killing and subsequently reveals the identity of the real killer in a surprise-twist ending.

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H.B. Warner

as Gerald Waring

Don Dillaway

as David Wells

William V. Mong

as Emory Wells

Sally Blane

as Grace Varney

Sarah Padden

as Mary Stevens

Natalie Moorhead

as Inez Wells

Edmund Breese

as Dwight Simpson

Niles Welch

as Warren Slade

Wilfred Lucas

as Judge Hollister

Margaret Fealy

as Martha Gregory

Wayne Lamont

as Ralph Varney

Alexander Pollard

as Raymond Boggs

Nita Cavalier

as Etta Billings

Lee Phelps

as Officer Myles

John Webb Dillon

as Lt. Elkins


M.A. Anderson

M.A. Anderson Cinematography

Melville Shyer

Melville Shyer Assistant Director

M.A. Anderson

M.A. Anderson Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 13 February 1932

Production Companies

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