Design for Living Trailer

Design for Living Trailer (1933)

29 December 1933 Comedy, Romance 91 mins

Free-spirited Gilda falls for two starving American artists in Paris who share a flat. She moves in with them in order to help and choose between them, but without sex. But the agreement is strained when Tom is in London, supervising a play.

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Fredric March

as Thomas B. 'Tom' Chambers

Gary Cooper

as George Curtis

Miriam  Hopkins

as Gilda Farrell

Edward Everett Horton

as Max Plunkett

Franklin Pangborn

as Mr. Douglas, Theatrical Producer

Isabel Jewell

as Plunkett's Stenographer

Jane Darwell

as Curtis' Housekeeper

Wyndham Standing

as Max's Butler

Adrienne D'Ambricourt

as Cafe Proprietress (uncredited)

Vernon Steele

as Douglas' First Manager (uncredited)

Lionel Belmore

as Theatre Patron

Cosmo Kyrle Bellew

as Man (uncredited)

Lionel Belmore

as Theatre Patron (uncredited)

Thomas Braidon

as Douglas' Second Manager (uncredited)

Thomas Braidon

as Douglas' Second Manager


John Leipold

Original Music Composer

Victor Milner

Victor Milner Director of Photography

Hans Dreier

Hans Dreier Art Direction

Travis Banton

Travis Banton Costume Design

George Hippard

George Hippard Assistant Director

Nat W. Finston

Nat W. Finston Music Director

International Titles

Amor am Scheidewege Trailer

Sócios no Amor Trailer

Serenade zu dritt Trailer

At elske Trailer

Una mujer para dos Trailer

Meidän herrojen kesken Trailer

Sérénade à trois Trailer

Erotikes kadrilies Trailer

Mind a kettőt szeretem Trailer

Hvað er ást? Trailer

Partita a quattro Trailer

Seikatsu no sekkei Trailer

Sztuka zycia Trailer

Uma Mulher para Dois Trailer

Trei si una Trailer

Серенада трех сердец Trailer

Oss gentlemän emellan Trailer

Bir gönülde iki sevda Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 01 January 1934

Germany 08 January 1970

Denmark 13 July 1953

Spain 17 December 1934

Finland 24 March 1934

France 21 February 2018

United Kingdom 01 January 1934

Greece 20 September 2010

Hong Kong 02 May 2004

Hungary 13 May 1934

Iceland 01 August 1934

Italy 07 June 1934

Portugal 18 June 1999

Sweden 07 February 1934

Turkey 01 January 1934

United States 29 December 1933

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Design for Living full hd movie trailer.

Design For Living 1933 | Comedy Romance | B&W Movies Full English HD

Fredric March Gary Cooper Miriam Hopkins Two Americans sharing a flat in Paris playwright Tom Chambers and painter George Curtis fall for free-spirited ...

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Design for Living Trailer

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Design for Living Trailer

Design for Living full hd movie trailer.

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