Hitlerjunge Quex Trailer

Hitlerjunge Quex Trailer (1933)

10 September 1933 Drama

A Nazi propaganda film based upon the life and death of Hitler Youth Heini Volker, killed while distributing flyers in a Communist neighborhood.

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Heinrich George

as Vater Völker

Berta Drews

as Mutter Völker

Jürgen Ohlsen

as Heini Völker

Rudolf Platte

as Moritatensänger

Reinhold Bernt

as Ausrufer

Anna Müller-Lincke

as Eine Nachbarin Völkers


International Titles

Le Jeune Hitlérien Quex Trailer

Hitler Youth Quex Trailer

Our Flags Lead Us Forward Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 10 September 1933

Production Companies

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