The Growing Youth Trailer

The Growing Youth Trailer (1933)

21 September 1933 115 mins

A psychological study of three girls who enter a boys' school to prepare for their final examination.

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Heinrich George

as Brodersen, Studiendirektor

Peter Voß

as Dr. Kerner, Studienassessor

Hertha Thiele

as Elfriede Albing, Abiturientin

Paul Henckels

as Dr. Hepp

Albert Florath

as Nehring, Musiklehrer

Horst Beck

as Karl Maier, Abiturient

Jochen Blume

as Andreas Bolz, Abiturient

Else Bötticher

as Frau Albing, Elfriedes Mutter

Marieluise Claudius

as Christa von Borck, Abiturientin

Albert Lieven

as Knud Sengebusch, Abiturient

Carsta Löck

as Tochter vom Hausmeister

Sabine Peters

as Annelore Winkel, Abiturientin

Paul Mederow

as Dr. Stahnke, Lehrer

Fritz Reiff

as Herr Sengebusch


International Releases Dates

Germany 21 September 1933

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