Chu Chin Chow Trailer

Chu Chin Chow Trailer (1934)

"See Ali Baba and His Forthy Thieves Plunder for Gold and Women!" 01 May 1934 Fantasy, Music, Romance 103 mins

Musical retelling of the "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves" Arabian Nights tale.

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Anna May Wong

as Zahrat

George Robey

as Ali Baba

Fritz Kortner

as Abu Hasan

John Garrick

as Nur-al-din Baba

Pearl Argyle

as Marjanah, servant girl

Malcolm 'Mr. Jetsam' McEachern

as Abdullah, Kassim's major-domo

Dennis Hoey

as Rakham, chief henchman

Sydney Fairbrother

as Mahbubah Baba, Ali's wife

Laurence Hanray

as Kasim Baba

Frank Cochrane

as Mustafa

Thelma Tuson

as Alcolom Baba, Kassim's wife

Francis L. Sullivan

as The Caliph

Gibb McLaughlin

as The Caliph's Vizier

Kiyoshi Takase

as Entertainer at Feast


International Titles

Ali Baba Nights Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 May 1934

Production Companies

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