City Park Trailer

City Park Trailer (1934)

01 May 1934 Drama, Comedy, Crime 72 mins

The old men meet a young girl, broke, hungry and discouraged, in the park. Colonel Henry Randolph Ransome (Henry B. Walthall) bluffs his way into obtaining enough money to support the welfare of the girl,Rose Wentworth (Sally Blane), and his two cronies. He sends for the girl's former sweetheart, who turns out to be a crook.

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Sally Blane

as Rose Wentworth

Henry B. Walthall

as Colonel Henry Randolph Ransome

Matty Kemp

as Raymond Ransome

Hale Hamilton

as Herbert Ransome

John Harron

as Charlie Hooper

Claude King

as General Horace G. Stevens

Gwen Lee

as Maizie, the Hooker

Judith Vosselli

as Mrs. Herbert Ransome

Wilson Benge

as Andrew Cook

Lafe McKee

as Matt O'Donnell

Mary Foy

as Mrs. Guppy, Landlady

Bess Flowers

as Stevens' Secretary


Edward C. Jewell

Edward C. Jewell Art Direction

M.A. Anderson

M.A. Anderson Cinematography

Vera West

Vera West Costume Design

Melville Shyer

Melville Shyer Assistant Director

Pete Clark

Pete Clark Sound Recordist

M.A. Anderson

M.A. Anderson Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 01 May 1934

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