Evergreen Trailer

Evergreen Trailer (1934)

01 April 1934 Comedy, Music, Romance 94 mins

Harriet Green, a beloved and radiant music hall star of the Edwardian era, has a guilty secret: She has a baby daughter, born out of wedlock. Harriet leaves her public and flees to South Africa to raise her daughter quietly. The years pass, and now her daughter, Harriet Hawkes, returns to London as a young show-biz hopeful. Tommy, a wily publicity man, knowing that young Harriet is a dead ringer for her famous mother, convinces a theater producer to star her in a new revue as none other than the original Harriet Green, miraculously untouched by old age. The ruse works too well: Now the public believes Harriet is a well-preserved 60-year-old and Tommy is her son. The deception is more than merely inconvenient, because now Harriet and Tommy have secretly fallen in love.

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Jessie Matthews

as Harriet Green

Sonnie Hale

as Leslie Benn

Betty Balfour

as Maudie

Barry MacKay

as Tommy Thompson

Hartley Power

as Treadwell

Ivor McLaren

as Marquis of Staines


Marjorie Gaffney

Marjorie Gaffney Scenario Writer

Benn W. Levy

Benn W. Levy Theatre Play

Glen MacWilliams

Glen MacWilliams Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 April 1934

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