Stand Up and Cheer! Trailer

Stand Up and Cheer! Trailer (1934)

04 May 1934 Comedy, Music, Family 69 mins

President Franklin Roosevelt appoints a theatrical producer as the new Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up an American public still suffering through the Depression. The new secretary soon runs afoul of political lobbyists out to destroy his department.

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Shirley Temple

as Shirley Dugan

Warner Baxter

as Lawrence Cromwell

James Dunn

as Jimmy Dugan

Nigel Bruce

as Eustis Dinwiddle

John 'Skins' Miller

as Hill-Billy (as 'Skins' Miller)


Arthur Lange

Original Music Composer

L. William O'Connell

L. William O'Connell Director of Photography

Ernest Palmer

Ernest Palmer Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 04 May 1934

Production Companies

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