The Florentine Dagger Trailer

The Florentine Dagger Trailer (1935)

"See how medical science SOLVES Europe's most baffling crime" 30 March 1935 Crime, Mystery 69 mins

A playwright descended from the Borgias becomes a murder suspect.

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Donald Woods

as Juan Cesare

Margaret Lindsay

as Florence Ballau

C. Aubrey Smith

as Dr. Gerard Joseph Lytton

Henry O'Neill

as Victor Ballau

Robert Barrat

as Inspector Von Brinkner

Florence Fair

as Teresa - Ballau's Housekeeper

Frank Reicher

as Von Stein - Stage Manager

Charles Judels

as Salvatore - Hotel Proprietor

Rafaela Ottiano

as Lili Salvatore

Paul Porcasi

as Antonio - Italian Policeman

Eily Malyon

as Fredericka - Mask Maker

Egon Brecher

as Karl - Lytton's Butler

Herman Bing

as Baker

Henry Kolker

as Auctioneer

Barlowe Borland

as Eric - Night Watchman

Glen Cavender

as Detective


Arthur L. Todd

Arthur L. Todd Director of Photography

Brown Holmes

Brown Holmes Additional Dialogue

Anton Grot

Anton Grot Art Direction

Carl Jules Weyl

Carl Jules Weyl Art Direction


Orry-Kelly Costume Designer

Leo F. Forbstein

Leo F. Forbstein Music Director

International Titles

O Punhal dos Borgias Trailer

Clue Club #3: The Florentine Dagger Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 30 March 1935

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