Banjo on My Knee Trailer

Banjo on My Knee Trailer (1936)

11 December 1936 Comedy, Romance 95 mins

A young husband leaves his river shantyboat community in Pecan Point, Tennessee and travels to New Orleans in search of his runaway wife.

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Barbara Stanwyck

as Pearl Elliott Holley

Joel McCrea

as Ernie Holley

Walter Brennan

as Newt Holley

Buddy Ebsen

as Buddy

Helen Westley

as Grandma

Walter Catlett

as Warfield Scott

Tony Martin

as Chick Bean

Katherine DeMille

as Leota Long

Victor Kilian

as Mr. Slade

Spencer Charters

as Judge Tope

Hilda Vaughn

as Gurtha

Hall Johnson Choir

as Vocal Ensemble


Darryl F. Zanuck

Darryl F. Zanuck Executive Producer

Nunnally Johnson

Nunnally Johnson Associate Producer

Hans Peters

Hans Peters Art Direction

Thomas Little

Thomas Little Set Decoration

Gwen Wakeling

Gwen Wakeling Costume Design

A.F. Erickson

A.F. Erickson Assistant Director

Roger Heman Sr.

Roger Heman Sr. Sound Engineer

E. Clayton Ward

E. Clayton Ward Sound Engineer

Ernest Palmer

Ernest Palmer Director of Photography

International Titles

Mississippi-Melodie Trailer

Um Romance no Mississipi Trailer

Banjo na moich kolanach Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 11 December 1936

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