Happy Go Lucky Trailer

Happy Go Lucky Trailer (1936)

13 December 1936

A singer in Shanghai looks exactly like a missing flyer who went missing, and is feared to have sold the experimental airplane that he was flying. Foreign gangsters, the missing flyers girlfriend, and the U.S. military wants him, dead or alive.

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Phil Regan

as John L. 'Happy Jack' Cole / Bill Lyons

Evelyn Venable

as Mary Gorham

Jed Prouty

as Charles Gorham

William Newell

as Charlie Davis

Jonathan Hale

as J. Lansing Bennett

Harlan Briggs

as U.S. Consul E.R. Brown

Stanley Andrews

as Capt. Matzdorf

Claude King

as Col. Wallis

Karl Hackett

as Porozzi

Guy Kingsford

as Joe - Henchman

Howard C. Hickman

as Dr. Wilson

Willie Fung

as Coolie Fisherman


International Releases Dates

United States 13 December 1936

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Stars: Phil Regan Evelyn Venable Jed Prouty Director: Aubrey Scotto Writers: Endre Bohem (story) Olive Cooper.

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