Hats Off Trailer

Hats Off Trailer (1936)

05 December 1936 Comedy, Music 66 mins

The first musical comedy from the Grand National assembly line, Hats Off stars John Payne and Mae Clarke as rival press agents Jimmy Maxwell and Jo Allen. Both have been assigned to stir up publicity for separate expositions at the 1936 Texas Centennial (newsreel footage of which predominates throughout the film's short running time). To throw Jimmy off the track, Jo pretends to be a schoolteacher, but by the time the ruse has been revealed, the two leading characters have fallen in love.

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Mae Clarke

as Mary Jo Allen

John Payne

as Jimmy Maxwell

Helen Lynd

as Ginger Connolly

Luis Alberni

as Caesar Rosero

Franklin Pangborn

as Mr. Churchill

Robert Middlemass

as Tex Connelly

George Irving

as J.D. Murdock

Clarence Wilson

as C.D. Pottingham


Thiele Lawrence

Thiele Lawrence Additional Dialogue

International Releases Dates

United States 05 December 1936

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