Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Trailer

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Trailer (1936)

"Rocking America with laughter!" 12 April 1936 Drama, Comedy, Romance 115 mins

Longfellow Deeds lives in a small town, leading a small town kind of life. When a relative dies and leaves Deeds a fortune, Longfellow moves to the big city where he becomes an instant target for everyone. Deeds outwits them all until Babe Bennett comes along. When small-town boy meets big-city girl anything can, and does, happen.

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Gary Cooper

as Longfellow Deeds

Jean Arthur

as Babe Bennett

Lionel Stander

as Cornelius Cobb

Douglass Dumbrille

as John Cedar

H.B. Warner

as Judge May

Ruth Donnelly

as Mabel Dawson

John Wray

as Farmer

Stanley Andrews

as James Cedar (uncredited)

Irving Bacon

as Frank (uncredited)

Hank Bell

as Unemployed Farmer in Line and Courtroom (uncredited)

Billy Bevan

as Cabby (uncredited)

Spencer Charters

as Mal (uncredited)

Dora Clement

as Party Guest (uncredited)


Frank Capra


Frank Capra

Frank Capra Producer

Howard Jackson

Original Music Composer

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker Director of Photography

Stephen Goosson

Stephen Goosson Art Direction

Samuel Lange

Samuel Lange Costume Design

Charles C. Coleman

Charles C. Coleman Assistant Director

Edward Bernds

Edward Bernds Sound Engineer

John P. Livadary

John P. Livadary Sound Director

Roy Davidson

Roy Davidson Visual Effects

Irving Lippman

Irving Lippman Still Photographer

Howard Jackson

Howard Jackson Music Director

International Titles

El secreto de vivir Trailer

Mister Deeds geht in die Stadt Trailer

De wonderlijke Mr. Deeds Trailer

Г-н Дийдс отива в града Trailer

O Galante Mr. Deeds Trailer

Úzasná událost Trailer

En gentleman kommer til byen Trailer

Mr. Deeds tulee kaupunkiin Trailer

L'extravagant Mr Deeds Trailer

O prigips ton dollarion Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 14 March 2006

Germany 01 May 1947

Denmark 19 May 1936

Mexico 10 June 1936

United States 12 April 1936

Production Companies

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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936 Official Trailer (Nominated Oscar / Best Picture)

Longfellow Deeds a simple-hearted Vermont tuba player inherits a fortune and has to contend with opportunist city slickers. Director: Frank Capra Writers: Robert Riskin (screenplay

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Trailer

Here's a trailer I did for this Frank Capra classic featuring Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur.

Mr. Deeds Goes To Town - Trailer

When a small-town idealist (Gary Cooper) goes to New York to collect a twenty million dollar inheritance he finds romance with wisecracking journalist Jean Arthur becomes the target of

Mr Deeds Goes to Town

Gary Cooper in Courtroom These videos are created for referential purposes to the original work and are not profitable in any way. No copyright infringement intended.

Mr Deeds Goes to Town

Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur These videos are created for referential purposes to the original work and are not profitable in any way. No copyright infringement intended.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

released April 16 1936 Gary Cooper as Longfellow Deeds Jean Arthur as Mary Dawson "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for "fair use"...

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