The Mandarin Mystery Trailer

The Mandarin Mystery Trailer (1936)

23 December 1936 Thriller, Mystery 66 mins

Ellery Queen sets out to solve a mystery involving a valuable stamp.

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Eddie Quillan

as Ellery Queen

Charlotte Henry

as Josephine Temple

Rita La Roy

as Martha Kirk

Wade Boteler

as Inspector Queen

George Irving

as Dr. Alexander Kirk

Kay Hughes

as Irene Kirk

William Newell

as Detective Guffy

George Walcott

as Donald Trent

Edwin Stanley

as Howard Bronson

Edgar Allen

as Detective

Richard Beach

as Reporter

Monte Vandergrift

as Detective

Grace Durkin

as Girl on Street Corner

June Johnson

as Girl at Cocktail Bar

Mary Bovard

as Girl at Cocktail Bar


Ralph Staub


Frederic Dannay

Frederic Dannay Original Story

Manfred Lee

Manfred Lee Original Story

Nat Levine

Nat Levine Producer

Jack A. Marta

Jack A. Marta Director of Photography


Eloise Costume Design

Philip Ford


Harry Jones

Harry Jones Sound Engineer

Murray Seldeen

Murray Seldeen Supervising Film Editor

International Releases Dates

United States 23 December 1936

Production Companies

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