What Becomes of the Children? Trailer

What Becomes of the Children? Trailer (1936)

04 December 1936

A 1936 exploitation film directed by Walter Shumway. This film presents the viewer some strong information about what can happen to children when they are ignored by their parents.

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Joan Marsh

as Marion Worthington

Robert Frazer

as John Worthington

Natalie Moorhead

as Edith Worthington

Glen Boles

as Fred Worthington

Claudia Dell

as Gayle Adams

Niles Welch

as Thomas Scott

Barbara Pepper

as Elsie Ford

Wilson Benge

as Bates - the Butler

Mary MacLaren

as Gertrude - the Governess

Sonny Bupp

as Little Freddy Worthington

Anne Bennett

as Little Marion Worthington

Gennaro Curci

as Tony Gazotti

Joseph W. Girard

as Detective Chief

Larry Kent

as Roy Daniels


International Releases Dates

United States 04 December 1936

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What Becomes of the Children? (1936) - Full Movie

Director: Walter Shumway Writer: Corra Beach (novel) Stars: Joan Marsh Robert Frazer Natalie Moorhead.

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